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Tutchen Family

Alister's great great grandmother was Christina Bertram nee Waters.  Christina's elder  brother was John Waters who resided in Wellington all his life, and married Miss Eleanor Tutchen on 2 May 1857.

Eleanor was born around 1835 and emigrated to New Zealand on the ship Arab, arriving in October 1841.   She travelled with her parents and her seven siblings - the passenger list gives their details as:  

Peter Tutchen aged 40 - listed as a shepherd (born around 1801)
Sarah Tutchen aged 39 (born around 1802)
Simon Peter Tutchen aged 16 and also listed as a shepherd (born around 1825) 
Sarah Tutchen aged 14 (born around 1827 and died at sea)
Charles Tutchen aged 13 (born around 1828)
Mary Tutchen aged 11  (born around 1830)
Josiah Tutchen aged 9 (born around 1832)
Ann Tutchen aged 8 (born around 1833)
Eleanor Tutchen aged 6 (born around 1835)
David Tutchen aged 2 (born around 1839)

It seems that Eleanor wasn't the only one to marry a Waters - Simon Peter Tutchen married Jessie Waters, John's sister, probably around 1862.  Simon died at Wellington on 27 December 1872 aged 48.  Jessie herself died aged 65 on 6 November 1902.

Josiah Tutchen died at Tauranga Bay of Plenty on 29 January 1911 aged 79. (see separate post about him)  

David Tutchen died at Duffer Gully, Greymouth on 7 February 1872 due to a landslip aged 34.  The Daily Southern Cross reported on 22 February 1872:

A miner named David Tutchen was killed by a landslip at Duffer Creek on the night of Wednesday, 7th instant. The accident was discovered by a man named Benjamin Southworth, who went to the place where deceased used to reside early on Thursday morning. Tutchen's hut stood on a ledge overhanging one of the upper tributaries of Duffer Creek. He lived by himself, some distance from any other camp, and he was heard playing a flute in his hut late on Wednesday night. Some time during the night, which was very stormy, a portion of the range above the house slipped down, and carried the hut of deceased away with it into the creek below. He was found lying calmly on his stretcher, with the roof of the hut lying on his dead body, and he appeared to have been killed in bis sleep, for there was no expression of pain or suffering on the features. 

Charles Tutchen married Sarah Ann Gard in 1880.  He then died in 1882.  He doesn't appear to have had any children, that I have been able to find.  

Mary Tutchen married Edwin Bannister at St Peter's Church in Te Aro on 23 August 1849.  She must have been the ripe old age of about 19 at the time of her marriage.

Ann "Annie" Tutchen married Joseph Lowry in on 7 November 1853 at St Peter's Church.  They were married by 'special licence' by Rev. R. Cole.  On 7 July 1854, Annie gave birth to their son, James Lowry, at her parents' home Hawthorne Hill, Te Aro.  Sadly complications from the birth must have ensued, and Annie died just four days later on 11 July 1854 at the age of just 21.  Annie was buried at the Bolton Street Cemetery.  Annie's funeral took place on 13 July 1854, and left from the home of her parents.  

The Tutchen family appear to have resided in Happy Valley, Wellington.

Peter Tutchen (Eleanor's father) died at his residence Hawthorn Hill on 11 March 1861.  Sarah Tutchen (Eleanor's mother) died at her residence in Brougham Street, Wellington on 23 April 1882 aged 84.  

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