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George Avery and family

When looking at the Tandy family briefly, and William Henry Tandy who harked from Australia, I came across the NZ Tandy family who appear to have emigrated in 1841.  In doing this, I stumbled, via Charlotte Tandy, upon the Avery family, who were another very early family, around the same time as Alister's family were settling in the Wellington/Hutt area.  Here is some information on them, for anyone interested.  

George Avery (1824, Staplehurst, England - 1903, Taita) married Charlotte Tandy (18?? - 1877) in 1843.  It seems likely that Charlotte came to NZ with her parent, Mary and William Tandy in 1841.  Both Charlotte's parents outlived her - Mary died on 24 July 1896 aged 90, at son in law, George Avery's home in Taita, and William died on 22 July 1898 aged 96!  At the time of his death he was believed to be the oldest resident in the Hutt area. 

George and Charlotte Avery are both buried in the Christ Church Taita Cemetery.  See more details here.  There seem to have been seventeen children of the marriage: 

1. Elizabeth Ann Avery (4 March 1849 - 25 October 1931).  Elizabeth married Charles Franklin Smith Burt (15 August 1840, Northhampton, Massachusetts, USA - 19 September 1917, Mangatainoka) in 1872.  Both Elizabeth and Charles are buried in the Mangatainoka Cemetery, and according to cemetery records Charles was a carpenter and the family were Presbyterian.  
 1.1 Sophia Maude Burt (15 July 1873 - 1944).  Married David Ross in 1898.  They had the following family:
   1.1.1 Charles George Ross (1903)
   1.1.2 David Owen Ross (1904)
   1.1.3 Gladys Violet Ross (1908)
   1.1.4 Chester Franklin Burt Ross (1910)
   1.1.5 Eric Hector Ross (1911)
 1.2 Ethel Charlotte Burt (14 January 1875 - 31 October 1958).  Ethel married George Henry Brown, a farmer in the Tararua District, (1875 - 10 July 1948) in 1905. They had at least one daughter:
   1.2.1 Gwendoline Gladys Brown (19 November 1908 - 24 June 2004).  Gwen married George Hector Hoggard (1902 - 10 September 1992).  She lived her life out in the Konini, Pahiatua area.  
 1.3 Lena Mary Burt (3 April 1876)
 1.4 Chester Munro Burt (20 August 1877 - 31 October 1949).  Chester married Margaret Cecilia Drew (1875 - 18 September 1937) in 1903.  Buried at the Mangatainoka Cemetery.  This family (Burt family) conducted, and continue to conduct, a funeral home business in the Manawatu/Rangitikei area.  Chester and Margaret had the following children:
   1.4.1 Harry Victor Burt (1904)
   1.4.2 Doris Elizabeth Mary Burt (1905)
   1.4.3 Eileen May Burt (1907)
   1.4.4 Chester Munro Drew Burt (18 March 1911 - 28 May 1983).  Chester married Winifred Alice (1915 - 2 June 1995).  They are both buried at Mangatainoka.
 1.5 Hilda May Burt (7 July 1881 - 5 October 1925).  Unmarried - buried in Mangatainoka Cemetery with her parents - she lived in Porirua prior to her death, according to burial records.  

2. Mary Avery (1850).  Seems likely this child died in infancy.

3. Charles Avery (1851 - 18 June 1917).  Charles married Jane Hirst (1855 - 31 August 1953) in 1875.  This couple are buried at Mangatainoka Cemetery.  According to burial records they were Anglican.  They  had the following children:
 3.1 Charles Avery (1875 - 1875).  Baby Charles died as an infant aged three weeks.   
 3.2 Elizabeth Alice Avery (1876).  Elizabeth married Alfred George Cross in 1898.  
 3.3 George Avery (1878 - 1878).  Baby George also died as an infant - aged 24 hours.  
 3.4 Minnie Constance Avery (1879).  Sadly for her poor parents, Minnie probably also died as an infant.
 3.5 Annie "Nance" Avery (1881 - 18 June 1965).  Annie died unmarried.  She is buried at Mangatainoka Cemetery.  She lived in Wanganui prior to her death. 
 3.6 Amelia Avery (1883 - 6 October 1947).  Married John Gilbert Swainson (1883 - 1 April 1955) in 1909.  Had  three daughters, at least:
   3.6.1 Margaret Joan Swainson (1910)
   3.6.2 Barbara Laura Swainson (17 October 1911 - 28 May 2002) - married William Park Nelson(19 January 1908 - 27 May 1999). This couple are both buried at Mangatainoka also.  The plaque reads (in part) 4310693 RNZAF WWII.  W.P. Nelson, 310693 LAC, 1939 - 45 R.N.Z.A.F.  Barbara and Bill had lived in Palmerston North prior to their deaths.  
   3.6.3 Doris Audrey Swainson (1915 - 12 March 1916).  Baby Doris died aged 9 months.   
 3.7 Norman Leslie Avery (1885 - 20 November 1919 at Brightfields, Pahiatua).  Norman married Hilda Barbara Yvonne Moore (1891 - 10 September 1970) in 1911. The wedding was recorded in the 20 April 1911 edition of the Wairarapa Daily Times:

An interesting wedding was celebrated at St. Peter's Church, Pahiatua, yesterday, when Miss Hilda Barbara Yvonne, youngest daughter of Mr George Moore, of Pahiatua, was married to Mr Norman Avery, only son of Mr C. Avery, of Brightlands, Pahiatua. The bride was attired in a beautiful dress of white satin, with overdress of lace and pearl trimmings. Miss Iris Moore acted as chief bridesmaid, and Misses Phyllis Hart and Mollie Crewe as bridesmaids, while Mr R. Reid acted as best man. A large party of friends was entertained subsequently by Mrs G. Moore at the residence. The service was a choral one. 

For eight years the couple lived at the family farm, Brightlands, until Norman died suddenly at the young age of only 33 years.  Both Norman and Hilda are buried at the Mangatainoka Cemetery. The Wanganui Chronicle recorded, on 26 November 1919:

The Pahiatua Herald has the following in connection with the death of Mr N. T. Avery: — lt is with regret that we have to record the death of Mr N.T. Avery well-known farmer and sportsman in the Pahiatua district, at the early age of 33 years. The deceased, who was only son of Mrs Avery (now of Wanganui) and of the late Mr C. Avery, farmed on the property at Masterton Road, Pahiatua, formerly held by his late father for many years, and was locally respected by a large circle of friends.
Up to within a few days ago he was about as usual, but was taken ill on Wednesday last, and despite the best medical aid and attention, passed away last night. In his younger days the late Mr Norman Avery was known as a good athlete, and of late years was a keen and accomplished horseman. Some time ago he met with an unfortunate accident, and this seriously affected his health, and it is believed, contributed to his untimely death.
The deceased gentleman was a director of the Konini Dairy Company, and a steward of the Pahiatua Racing Club, and at the time of his death held the position of clerk of the course. He was also a valued member of the committee of the Pahiatua A. and P. Society, and also held the position of deputy-master of the Woodlands Hunt, and was esteemed for his true sportsmanlike qualities by a large number of friends.
The death is all the more sad, as his young widow, for whom deep sympathy is expressed, only recently lost her father (the late Mr George Moore), and is left with an only son of six years. The deceased is survived by his mother, Mrs C. Avery(Wanganui), and his three sisters, Mrs George Cross (Wanganui), Mrs J. G. Swainson (Pahiatua), and Miss Avery (Wanganui.)

Norman and Hilda had one son:
   3.7.1 Norman Bernard Hamilton Avery (21 August 1913 - 5 March 2001).  Norman married Margaret Isabella (29 July 1914 - 12 January 1995) and together they had five children.
  3.8 Winifred Avery (1889 - 1899).  Young Winifred died at the age of 10 1/2.  Along with inscription, at the Mangatainoka Cemetery, the headstone reads: "Nothing in my hand bring/simply to thy cross/cling."
  3.9 Elizabeth Avery (1891 - 1891).  Baby Elizabeth died as a 12 hour old baby and was buried at the Mangatainoka Cemetery.
4. George Avery (1853 - 1907).  George married Sarah Elizabeth Scrimshaw (1857-1914) in 1876. Together George and Sarah had the following children, presumably during happier times in their marriage:
 4.1 Arthur Alfred Morris Avery (1876 - 1900).  Arthur died prematurely aged just 23.
 4.2 Hugh Ernest George Avery (1878 - 1899).  Hugh also died prematurely aged 21.
 4.3 Lucy Ellen Avery (1879 - 1881).  Baby Lucy died aged just a year old.
 4.4 Herbert Charles Avery (1880 - 1927).  I don't believe Herbert married.  
 4.5 Robert Stephen Avery (1882 - 1963).  Robert married Charlotte Matilda White (1882 - 1916) in 1901.  They had at least three children:  
   4.5.1 Rubina Mabel May Avery (1901 - 1964).  Rubina married Charles Harold Pollard (1895 - 1966) in 1920 
   4.5.2 Ernest Stephen George Avery (1 September 1902 - 1975).  Ernest married Mabel Evelyn Fawcett in 1923
   4.5.3 William Norman Avery (1904 - 1969) - married Ida May Fawcett (3 September 1907 - 1998) in 1926.  
 4.6 Ivy Maud Avery (1883).  I'm unsure what became of Ivy.  
 4.7 Ethel Charlotte Avery (1886 - 1971).  Ethel married Arthur Robert Pivott Robinson (1883 - 1940) in 1908.  They had the following family:
   4.7.1 Lucy Adelaide Robinson (1909) who married William Arnold Faucett in 1930.   
  4.8 Minnie Amelia Avery (24 December 1887 - 1974).  Minnie married John Murdock in 1906.  They had:
   4.8.1. Maurice John Murdock (1908 - 1961)
   4.8.2 Charles Jeffrey Murdock (1910 - 1972).
 4.9 George Albert Avery (1889 - 1949).  George married Edith Fanny Clark (1891 - 1967) in 1908.  They had:
   4.9.1 Winifred Edith Caroline Avery (1910)
   4.9.2 Myrtle Francis Clark (1911).  
 4.10 Ruby Myrtle Avery (1891 - 1946).  Ruby married as "Rubina Myrtle", Albert Henry Alley (1886 - 1939) in 1914.  Died as "Robina Myrtle." They had a son:
   4.10.1 Albert Henry Alley (24 May 1915  - 1975)
 4.11 Grace Pearl Avery (5 July 1894 - 1980).  Grace married Albert Edward Josiah George (16 June 1895 - 1980) in 1919.  

As will be seen, George Jnr appears to have followed in his father's footsteps somewhat - as the following article which appeared in the Manawatu Standard on 8 June 1900 reveals:

Licensing.—At the meeting of the Hawera Licensing Committee the following motion was passed :—The Licensing Committee for the district of Hawera were of opinion that the application of Mr George Avery for a renewal of the license to him of the Commercial Hotel at Kaponga should be refused on the ground that in the divorce suit of Avery against Avery the applicant has admitted that the jury found that in April 1899, the said Geo. Avery committed adultery with one Ethel Hill, and the committee therefore object to the renewal of the license to the said George Avery on the ground that he is not a person of good fame and character.

This decision appears to be as a result of a divorce petition George Avery took against his wife Sarah, which backfired on him considerably - as reported in the Wanganui Chronicle on 9 October 1899:

A DIVORCE CASE. (Before His Honor Mr Justice Edwards.) 
The divorce case of Avery v Avery was continued on Saturday. Messrs Gully (for the respondent) and Skerrett (for the co-respondent) having addressed the jury, Mr Barnicoat (for the petitioner) reviewed the evidence, speaking for some 50 minutes.
His Honor commenced his summing up at 4.45, and finished at 5.56. The jury retired at a few minutes to 6 o'clock, and returned to Court at 6.50, with a verdict for the respondent.
The issues put before the jury were as follows, and were answered as indicated (1) Did Sarah Elizabeth Avery, the respondent, commit adultery with James Donald Wilson
Answer, "No."
  1. Did James Donald Wilson, the correspondent, commit adultery with Sarah Elizabeth Avery, the respondent
    Answer “No.”
    (3) What amount of damages should be paid by Jas. Donald Wilson, the co-respondent, in respect to the adultery (if any) by him committed.
    (4) Has George Avery, the petitioner, been guilty of cruelty towards Sarah Elizabeth Avery, the respondent
    Answer "Yes."
    (5) Did George Avery, the petitioner, commit adultery
    (a) in June, 1897, with a domestic servant
    Answer "No.";
    (b) In April, 1899, with Ethel Hill
    Answer, "Yes."
    The jury were then discharged.
5. John Avery (1855).  This baby was registered as "Unnamed male"  meaning he likely died soon after birth.

6. William Avery (1857).  However, there no registration for this child.  Therefore the information is either not correct, or he died as an infant.
7.  Thomas Avery (1858 - 8 June 1940). Thomas married Ann Hall (1859 - 7 December 1922) in 1884.  This couple are recorded as being Anglican on burial records - they are buried at the Mangatainoka Cemetery.  They had the following children:
 7.1  Henry Arthur Avery (1885 - 22 January 1943).  Henry married Florence Hunt (1897 - 1 June 1974) in 1916.  They are both buried at the Mangatainoka Cemetery. Henry was a farmer at the time of his death.  He appears to have farmed at Masterton Road, Konini, Pahiatua.  
 7.2  Herbert Thomas Avery (1890 - 1961).  Herbert married Elizabeth Amorel Reeve (2 January 1894 - 1974) in 1911.  At some stage Herbert and Elizabeth divorced because Elizabeth Avery married Edgar Royal Cook (1891 - 1951) in 1925 and Herbert also married for a second time, to Cathleen Mary Hayes in 1926.  Herbert is buried at the Kelvin Grove Cemetery in Palmerston North.  He was listed, as the time of his death, as being a farmer from Ashhurst.    
 7.3  Handley George Sylvester Avery (15 November 1895 - 1976).  He married Florence Maud Hibberd (1898 - 1969) in 1922.  
   7.3.? Thomas Handley Vernon Avery (24 February 1917 - 2 May 1991).  Thomas was a mechanic and is buried at the Kelvin Grove Cemetery in Palmerston North.  I suspect that Thomas was either Henry or Herbert's son.  

8.  Ellen "Mary" Avery (15 October 1860 - 19 March 1941).  Mary married David Brown in 1884.  Ellen was known as "Mary" and is buried under this name in the Mangatainoka Cemetery.  Mary and David had the following children:
 8.1 Effie Ellen Brown (1886 - 1949).  Effie married Frederick William Raglan Newport (1881 - 1964) in 1907.  Fred and Effie had the following children:
   8.1.1 Isa Venetta Newport (1908)
   8.1.2 Ena Hinemoa Newport (1910)
 8.2 Lillian Maud Brown (1887 - 1 May 1964).  Lillian married James George Brechin (1877 - 1946) in 1903.  Lillian and James settled in the Tararua District and had two sons:
   8.2.1 Kelvin Condor de Lisle Brechin (23 July 1907 - 1983)
   8.2.2 Brendon Dalziell Brechin (26 April 1919 - 2004)
 8.3 Archie David Brown (19 August 1889 - 1987).  Archie married Catherine Margaret Todd (1890 - 1949) in 1911.

9.  Eliza Avery (1861).  Eliza married William Brown in 1884.  I'm unsure when they died, but all their children lived to grand old ages - possibly because most of them never married??
 9.1  Winifred Eliza Brown (27 April 1885 - 1988).  Winifred lived well past 100 years. 
 9.2  Charlotte Agnes Brown (10 November 1887 - 1981).  Charlotte married Murdo Campbell in 1917.  
 9.3  Ruby May Brown (3 February 1893 - 1978)
 9.4  Kenneth William Brown (19 January 1895 - 1976)
 9.5  Jean Donaldson Brown (1 January 1898 - 2001).  Also lived well past 100 years! 

10.  Harriet Charlotte Avery (1862 - 1934).  Harriet married William Kilmister (1860-1943) in 1884.  They had the following children:
 10.1  Eva May Kilmister (1885).  Eva married Ernest William Heywood in 1905.  They had at leat one daughter:
   10.1.1 Alice May Heywood (1906).  
They may have relocated to Australia following Alice's birth, as there is a trace of an "Ernest William Heywood" in Sydney in 1937, in court.
 10.2  Mabel Kilmister (1888 - 1963).  Mabel married Frederick William Kitchener (1883 - 1957) in 1906.  
 10.3  Arthur William Kilmister (1895 - 1952).  Arthur married Eva Lightburn Oliver in 1914.  

11.  Stephen Avery (1864 - 17 February 1922).  Stephen married Jane Hirst (1868 - 10 December 1948) in 1893 (Jane was Stephen's sister in law Jane Hirst's niece).  Both Stephen and Jane are buried in the Sandon Cemetery in the Manawatu District.  They had the following family:
 11.1  Stephen John Avery (1894 - 8 October 1969).  Stephen Jnr married Norma Kathleen Nellie Tomlinson (1892 - 4 April 1963) in 1915.  They are both buried in the Sandon Cemetery in the Manawatu.  They had a family with one son named partly for Stephen's younger brother who had died:
   11.1.1 Stephen George Victor Avery (22 April 1919 - 1999).  
 11.2  Harold Sidney Avery (6 June 1896 - 13 December 1980)
 11.3  Elsie Jane Avery (21 October 1897 - 1977).  Elsie married Randal Alexander Anderson (1900 - 4 March 1968) in 1926.  
 11.4  George Victor Avery (1905 - 2 January 1918).  George died aged just 12 years.  George is buried with his parents, in the Sandon Cemetery in the Manawatu.   

12.  Deborah Grace Avery (1866 - 24 October 1950).  Died aged 84, unmarried.  Buried with her niece Lillian Brechin and niece's family at Mangatainoka Cemetery.

13.  Bertha Sarah Avery (1868 - ).  Bertha married Jacob Geange (1869 - 9 April 1929) in 1894.  Jacob was well known in the Hutt and this obituary appeared in the Evening Post on 12 April 1929:

Through the death of Mr. Jacob Geange, which took place at the Upper Hutt on Tuesday last, the district loses one of its best-known identities, and one who had been identified with its advancement all his life. The late Mr. Geange was born in 1869, on the property now occupied by the Wellington Racing Club, and had resided in the locality for the last sixty years. He was a son of the late Mr. K. Geange, who settled at Trentham in 1855 as one of tho pioneers.
For many years Mr. Geange carried on a carrying business between Upper Hutt and Wellington. He was also engaged in farming, at which he had been very successful. He was a member of the Wellington Racing Club since its removal to Trentham, and he was one of the founders of Loyal Lodge of Oddfellows at Trentham.
He is survived by his widow, two sons— Mr. K. S. Geange (Upper Hutt) and Mr. S. J. A. Geange (Kaiwaiwai, Featherston) and one daughter, Mrs. H. H. Tyer (Kaiwaiwai, Featherston). He also leaves seven grandchildren— two boys and five girls. The funeral took place at St. John's Churchyard, Trentham, yesterday afternoon, the Rev. Kendrick officiating at the graveside, while the Oddfellows also read a portion of the funeral rites. Many beautiful wreaths were received, and there was a large gathering of mourners testifying to the esteem in which Mr. Geange was hold by all sections of the community.
 13.1  Kenneth Sylvanus Geange (1894 - 1964).  Ken married Margaret Julia "Jewel" Greig (10 November 1894 - 1992) in 1915.
 13.2  Gladys Nada Bertha Geange (19 December 1895 - 1976).  Gladys married Horace Hillyard Tyer (1891 - 1955) in 1915.  
 13.3  Unnamed baby Geange (1898 - 1898).  This baby died aged just three days.  
 13.4  Stanley Jacob Avery Geange (1904).  Stanley married Marjorie Kathleen Seller (1904 - 1967) in 1926.  
 13.5  Marjorie Charlotte Avery Geange (1907 - 24 April 1921).  Marjorie died aged just thirteen years.  At the time of her death, her parents were living on the Main Road, Upper Hutt.  

14.  Alfred 'Fred' Avery (1869 - 1927).  I don't believe Fred ever married. 

15.  James Avery (1870 - 15 January 1955).  James married Dorothy Gordon Doull (1880 - 6 May 1969) in 1901.  James and Dorothy are both buried at Mangatainoka.  James was a farmer before his death and they appear to have lived around the Awahuri and Boness Roads, Feilding area, prior to their deaths.  James and Dorothy had the following family:  
 15.1 James Alexander Avery (1906 - 29 June 1908).   Little James died aged only two years and six weeks.  This little boy is buried in his own plot in the Mangatainoka Cemetery - a plaque reads: 

"A bud the Gardener gave us, 
a pure and lovely child, 
he gave it to our keeping, 
to cherish undefiled.  

But just as it was opening, 
to the glory of the day, 
down came the heavenly gardener 
and took our bud away."  

The family was living at Konini, Pahiatua at the time of this child's death.
 15.2 Dorothy Catherine Avery (28 January 1908 - 2002).
 15.3 Cecil Sinclair Avery (12 July 1910 - 24 September 1998).  Cecil married Phyllis Daffiney May Ayers (22 May 1910 -  22 February 1998).  Cecil and Phyllis are both buried in the Feilding Cemetery.  They had a family of five children.
 15.4 Leonard Avery (10 February 1913 - 2 February 1978) married Margaret May (1917 - 25 June 2006).  They had at least one child:
   15.4.1 Doreathy Harriet Avery.  Unsure of the birth date for this child, but she died, presumably as an infant on 26 June 1944.  The unusual spelling is intended.  

16.  Charlotte Avery (1874 - 4 September 1903).  Charlotte married John Thomas Tuck (1867-1949) in 1895.  She died young, aged only 29, but still managed to have the following children:
 16.1 Ina Charlotte Tuck (24 September 1895 - 1979).  Ina never married.  
 16.2 Ewart Sylvanus Tuck (4 May 1898 - 1995)  Ewart married Winifred Gladys Collins (9 August 1907 - 2005) in 1930.  
Following Charlotte's death in 1903, left with two small children, John Tuck married Mary Alice Morrison in 1905.  Together they had two sons, half brothers to Charlotte's two children:
 Stanley Palmer Tuck (1905 - 1965)
 John Manson Tuck (1907 - 1967)

17. Constance Avery (16 July 1876 - 13 August 1972).  Constance married Ernest Edward Burrell (1872 - 15 March 1945, Palmerston North) in 1902.  Ernest and Constance are both buried at the Mangatainoka Cemetery.  They had one daughter:
 17.1 Jean Burrell married Mr Reid and had two daughters: 
   17.1.1 Jill Reid
   17.1.2 Valerie Reid

As Charlotte died some years before George, he may have been lonely, and huge embarrassment must have been caused when this reached the Manawatu Standard on 6 January 1883:

The Divorce Court.
Two petitions for dissolution of marriage will be dealt with at the ensuing sitting of the Wellington Supreme Court in matrimonial causes jurisdiction, viz., re Barbel v. Barber and re Nielson v. Nielson and Avery.
ln the other case the petitioner is Henry Andres Nielson, of the Taita, hotel keeper, who alleges that in October, 1882, the respondent committed adultery withe the co respondent, George Avery, of the Taita, wherefore he prays for a dissolution of marriage, and that the co-respondent shall be made to pay to him the sum of £200 damages, together with the whole of the costs incidental to the proceedings. Both the respondent and co-respondent deny the adultery.

The correct names of the couple within which George Avery became entangled, were Elizabeth Harford Nelson and Henry Andrew (aka Anders) Nelson.  

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