Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lyford Family

Arthur Sharp Lyford married Alister's relative Jessie Tutchen Waters in 1927.  

Robert Frederick Lyford (known as Frederick) was born around 1860.  In 1902 he married Phoebe West, born on 25 January 1873.  The family lived in the Marlborough area.  They had the following children:

1. Roy Campbell Lyford (18 September 1900 - 1973).    Roy was born prior to his parents' marriage and his birth wasn't registered until 1924.  

2. Arthur Sharp Lyford (18 April 1903 - 1975).  Arthur married Jessie Tutchen Waters in 1927.  See link above.  

3. Darcy Leo Lyford (17 August 1905 - 1983).  Darcy (also known as "D'Arcy") is also buried at the Omaka Cemetery.

4. Olive Nanette Lyford (9 October 1907 - November 1986).  Olive married Henry George Gledhill (7 October 1905 - September 1975) in 1926.  Henry's family were another local family and the couple are both buried at Omaka Cemetery.  

5. Dulce Gertrude Lyford (1910)

Phoebe died in August 1959 and is buried at the Omaka Cemetery in the Marlborough District with her husband, Frederick, who had died years earlier in October 1922.    

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