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Eustace Transom/Transome

Eustace Transom was one of the sons of Charles Cecil Transom and Isabella Ellen Adam Transom, possibly their eldest.  I believe he was born in Wellington around 1865, after his parents' marriage.  

Eustace married Mary O'Brien in 1905, but his name at the date of marriage is recorded as "Transome" with an "-e" added.  This kind of change to a family name here and there makes tracking people down, historically, difficult at times!

Eustace and Mary had a number of children, and the ones I have been able to ascertain at this point are:

Isabelle Transom, who was born in 1906, and obviously named after Eustace's later mother.

Vivian Transom, who was born in 1908.

Geoffrey Transom, who was born on 9 September 1909.  Geoffrey married Jean Lenore and they had a number of children.  Geoffrey died in 1984 and Jean died in 1966, at the relatively young age of 51.

Lancelot "Lance" Transom, who was born on 23 March 1911 and died in 1987.

It appears that Eustace probably farmed in the Wairarapa/Tararua area, around Pongaroa.  There is mention in the Manawatu Standard on 16 January 1908, of a bush fire affecting a number of local properties, including his farm at Waipatiki.  

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John "Jack" Transom 1920 - 1943

John "Jack" Transom was a son of Joseph Richard Transom and his late wife, Eleonora Transom.  Jack was born in 1920 in the Taihape area.  

Some time in the late 1930s/early 1940s Jack married Eda Lois Ruth "Lo" Smith.  On 19 July 1942, Lo gave birth to a stillborn son.  This child is buried at the Taihape Cemetery.  

Unfortunately, Jack was killed in a tank accident in the Foxton area on 25 February 1943. 
Following Jack's death, however, his only child Jacqueline was born on November 1943.  

The first newspaper reports of Jack's accident stated:


A military tank accident involving the death of one officer and two other ranks and injuries to one officer and ten other ranks occurred during training near Foxton yesterday. 

Second-Lieutenant J. TRANSOM. 
Private G. E. ALGIE. 
Private C. F. McINTYRE. 
Private E. C. C. LETT, laceration of scalp, dislocated right hip. 
Corporal P. A. DAVIES, fractured skull. 
Corporal E. H. T. WILLIAMS, fractured pelvis. 
INJURED. Captain C. M. GARDINER, fractured ankle. 
Private J. HICKISEY, lacerated left arm. 
Private A. J. BARTLETT, burns right leg. 
Sergeant E. METEKINGI, burns arm. 
Private J. GRUMMITT, injuries to hip and wrist. 
Private G. A. JENNER, injuries to leg and back. 
Private J. J. C. ALLEN, injuries to shoulder. 
Private R. H. JONES, minor injuries to ankle. 

The tank was operating in sandhill country, and the cause of the accident was apparently due to the breaking away of a bank on the edge of which the tank was travelling. Commendable resource and promptitude was displayed by all ranks at the scene of the accident, and the injured men were speedily extricated. Their injuries were treated by medical officers on the spot, and the men were conveyed to hospital by ambulance. The accident occurred at about 10.15 a.m. and a Court of Inquiry was assembled in the field about four hours later. All the next-of-kin have been advised.

Following the inquest, a further report appeared in the Evening post on 2 April 1943.

(P.A.) PALMERSTON N., This Day. 
An inquest regarding the deaths of Second Lieutenant J. Transom (Taihape), Privates G. E. Algie (Hawera), C. F. Mclntyre (Whakatane), and E. C. C. Lett (Wanganui), who died from injuries when a military tank overturned near Foxton on February 25, was opened by Mr. A. J. Graham (Coroner). 

Captain F. C. Hutchison, N.Z.M.C., said he found that the tank overturned at the foot of a 10-foot bank. A number of men were lying about and others, some dead, were pinned under the tank. He did what he could for the injured men. Of those pinned underneath three were dead. He had no doubt they died instantaneously, for all three had sustained crushing injuries to the chest and head. One of the seriously injured men, Lett, subsequently died. 

Growcott, driver of the tank, said that Transom was in command. Driving, along a well-defined track he received the order "Drive right." He did so, and travelled about 100 yards through scrub up a small gully. The tank would be six feet from a cabbage tree when he complied with another order "Drive right." He carried on slowly for a short distance. He felt the tank slipping, and pulled the control in order to get the tank to "nose" downhill. The tank failed to answer and rolled over. In reply to the Coroner Growcott said they were driving with the tank "open." He could not see where they were going owing to dense manuka through which they were travelling. He received his driving orders through a telephone. There were infantrymen on the tank, though he could not say how many. He had been warned to go steadily because there were infantry aboard. He was going very slowly at the time of the accident, and he considered that had the tank been travelling faster it would have answered the controls. The accident would not have happened if the tank had not slipped away. 

Major A. H. Revell, Officer Commanding the Squadron, stated that the tanks were under the command of Transom and Captain Hancock. Both men knew the country very well. The route they would take was left to the discretion of the tank commander Transom, although young, was very capable, a quick thinker, and most reliable. His action in deviating from his course was tactically quite sound The reason for the change was to avoid crossing the skyline where two other tanks had gone across. 

The Coroner stated that two factors appeared to have caused the accident —the collapse of the bank and the fact that the tank was going too slow. Major Revell replied that the slow speed was a matter of caution. The Coroner commended the rescue work done so expeditiously. He returned a verdict that the men were accidentally killed.

See here for a photo of Jack Transom and the fellow victims of the tank tragedy.  Jack Transom is buried in the Taihape Cemetery.

Following Jack's death, Lo married Robert Duff "Bob" Bremner, on 13 November 1946, and went on to have four more children from this marriage.  They are both buried in the Taihape Cemetery.   

*Thanks to Jacqueline and Lorreen Hartley for correcting some errors in this post!

Josiah "Joseph" Transom1868 - 1936

Josiah "Joseph" Transom was yet another son of Charles Cecil Transom and his wife Isabella Ellen Adam Transom.  Joseph was born in Greytown in 1868. 

Joseph married Edith Catherine Hawkeswood in 1893.  Edith was born in 1870.  Together, Joseph and Edith had three children.
Joseph Richard Transom (1896).  In 1916 he married Eleonora Maude Heise who was only 19 at the time.  Sadly, Eleonora died young, at the age of merely 36 years on 3 September 1933.  By that time they already had several children, including a son, John "Jack" Transom (see separate post).  Joseph died in 1970 - presumably he remarried, because he is not buried with Eleonora at the Catholic section of Tahape Cemetery.

Gladwynne Maurice Transom (1898).  In 1926 he married Elsie May Gallagher  in 1926.  Elsie was 24 years old at the time.  Gladwynne died on 24 September 1968 and Elsie died on 14 June 1982.  They are both buried in the Catholic section at Taihape Cemetery.

Eileen Isabel Catherine Transom (1902).  In 1923 she married James Gabriel Delaney. Eileen died in 1960, aged 58.  

Joseph Snr died in 1936 and Edith died on 12 August 1938.  They are both buried in the Taihape Cemetery.  Edith's sudden death was recorded in the 13 August 1938 edition of the Auckland Star:

(By Telegraph.—Own Correspondent.)
TAIHAPE, Friday.
A widow, Mrs. E. C.Transom, died suddenly at her residence about 3 p.m. yesterday. Her death was discovered by Mr. W. Collins, who had called on her to procure some foodstuff a for a function to be held in the evening. After knocking on the door he heard a thud, and on investigation discovered the deceased lying on the floor. Medical aid was called immediately, but life was pronounced extinct.
Mrs. Transom had been a resident here for some 28 years. Born and educated in Auckland, she had lived in various parts of New Zealand prior to coming to Taihape. She is survived by two sons and one daughter, Messrs. J. R. Transom and G. M. Transom, Taihape, and Mrs. J. G. Delaney, Auckland.

Cecil "Percy" Transom 1869 - 1949

Cecil Percy "Percy" Transom/Transome was one of the sons of Charles Cecil Transom and his wife Isabella Ellen Adam Transom.  He was born on 14 November 1869 in Featherston and died on 29 May 1949.

On 20 July 1898 Percy married Emily Arnold (1871 - 1964).  See more about Emily in another blog post.

Percy and Emily had two daughters.  

On 30 June 1900 Eva Grace Transome was born.  She died in 1972, and never appears to have married or had children of her own.  Note, the spelling in the birth registrations appears to have remained Transome.

Second daughter Idez Linda May Transome was born on 17 May 1904.  She died in 1980, again never having married or had children.

Percy lived in Hawera, where his wife, Emily was from.  They were married quietly in the Presbyterian Church in Hawera by Rev. T. McDonald on 20 July 1898.  Best man was Mr A Hannah.   They appear to have left Taranaki (and possibly NZ) around April/May 1907.

Charles Transom 1866 - 1938

Charles Transom was the second eldest son of Cecil Charles Transom and Isabella Ellen Adam Transom.

Charles (21 October 1866 - 25 August 1938) married Norah Moore (16 April 1884 - 1972) on 22 April 1903, in Waione. Norah was only 19 at the time of her marriage - Charles was a good deal older, being 37. Norah appears to have been involved with the St Matthews parish in Masterton, and indeed, the Transoms do seem to have some connection to the Wairarapa.

Charles and Norah were Alister's Great Grandparents. They had the following children:

Charles Henry "Laddie" Transom (18 June 1904, Waione - 1971, Brisbane) married Corrie May (1915 - 17 May 1965). This couple are also both buried in the Catholic section of the Taihape Cemetery.

Emily "Midge" Transom (8 August 1905 - August 1988, Taihape). Emily worked in Taihape as a nurse and midwife.

Harriet "Bub"Transom (8 July 1907 - June 1977, Kaikohe)

Eustace Cecil "Mick" Transom (16 November 1911, Taihape - 13 September 1991, Taihape). This was Alister's grandfather, who he unfortunately barely knew. Mick is buried at the Taihape Cemetery.

Charles and Norah are buried in the Catholic section of the Taihape Cemetery along with their daughter, Emily. Emily died in 1988 at the age of 83.

I'm still looking for further information here - including Harriet's married name. I've been helped in updating this page with information Alister's late father, Gerald Transom, recorded prior to his death.

Elizabeth Rankin Transom Parker

Elizabeth Rankin Transom was the only daughter of Cecil Charles Transom and Isabella Ellen Adam.  She was born in 1871 and in 1897 in Stoke, Nelson she married Charles Parker.  Charles had been born in Stoke in 1866.

Elizabeth and Charles had five children, including twin girls.  

Ronald Charles Victor Parker was born on 20 June 1898.  Ronald married Alice Rawcliffe in 1929.  He died in 1985 aged 87.

Bernice Ada Parker was born in 1899.  I'm unsure what became of her.

Blanche Edith Parker, a twin, was born on 11 August 1901 but died six weeks later.

Stella Mary Transom Parker, the other twin, was of course also born on 11 August 1901.  She survived infancy and married Raymond Charles Chambers in 1927.  Raymond had been born in 1894.  Raymond had previously married Henrietta Tandy in 1919, but she died in 1926, at the age of 30, possibly leaving Raymond with two young children.  I understand that Stella and Raymond possibly had three children together.  Raymond died on 13 March 1977 and Stella died in 1980.

Elizabeth and Charles' youngest daughter was Rubina Bessie Parker.  She was born in 1905 and died as a 17 month old infant in 1906.


Any more information about any of these families would be much appreciated.

Cecil Charles Transom 1841 - 1899

Alister's father's family are the Transoms who lived primarily in Taihape.  Because Alister's parents separated when he was very young, he has had limited contact with this side of his family.  Through various online sites, I've made contact with one of his relative's wives, who has already collected a good deal of information about the family.

Cecil Charles Transom was born on 2 Dec 1841 at Broseley, St Leonards, Shropshire.  He was christened on 2 January 1842 at Madeley, Shropshire.  He sailed for New Zealand 16 August 1863, when he would have been 22 years of age.  He arrived in the ship Green Jacket, from London into Auckland on 13 December 1863.  In New Zealand he married Isabella Ellen "Ellen" Adam at the Congregational Chapel, Manchester Street, Christchurch on 2 January 1865.  They were married by Rev. J.H. Habens.  In the marriage notice, Ellen was listed as being the eldest daughter of John Adam of Glasgow.  

I had thought that Ellen had sailed from the UK on 21 September 1863 and arrived in New Zealand on the ship Canterbury on 10 January 1864. That person is listed as "Isabella" Adam and was listed as being a "domestic servant."  At the time she departed the UK she was listed as being 18 years of age, meaning her birth date was somewhere around 1845.  She is listed as being from Lanarkshire.  However, I've also found an Ellen Adam who came to New Zealand with J. Adam from Melbourne on the ship Pirate on 28 March 1860.  

I've also found an Isabella Archer Adam who married William Davidson in 1865.  I theorised that this could have been a brief marriage prior to her marriage to Cecil Transom, but given that the marriage to Cecil took place in January of the same year, I think that is highly unlikely.  

Cecil and Ellen (also sometimes referenced as Eleanor or Isabella) had six children:

Eustace Transom born in 1865 (?)
Charles Transom born on 21 October 1866 in Wellington
Josiah Transom born in 1868 in Greytown
"Percy" Cecil Transom born on 14 November 1869 in Featherston
Elizabeth Rankin Transom born in 1871 in Greytown
Adam William Transom born in May 1873 in the Wairarapa.  Adam died as an infant in 1874

Cecil went to Australia during the gold rush, leaving his family behind in New Zealand. Isabella died on 25 May 1873, just a few months later.  As Adam William Transom, the  youngest child was born in May 1873, it's highly likely that she died as a result of childbirth or postnatal complications. At the time of her death, she was listed as being called "Nelly" Transom, and was recorded as being 24 years old at the time of her death.  This would indicate her birth date being around 1848.  

The children were fostered out to other families in the area around Taihape.

Cecil married again a couple of days before Christmas in 1873 to Margaret Semple, at Clarence River in northern New South Wales.

Less than seven months after the marriage his new wife had twins, Charles Cecil Transom and Fanny Transom.
Then, in 1878, James Leslie Transom was born at Grafton, which is a bit further up the Clarence River.

Around 1882, the family moved to Sydney, and a fourth child Effie May Transom was born at Balmain.

From that time they lived at several addresses around Sydney. Cecil also seemed to have been known as Charles Cecil in the various records. He died on the 16 March 1899 and the cause of death was gastro-enteritis.

On the death certificate his father’s name was James and mother’s maiden name was Holden, (no given name). His father’s occupation was given as master lighterman.

Cecil’s second wife Margaret died 16 years later in 1915.  Their son Charles died in 1918.  Their son James died in 1935.  Effie died around 1940.

Cecil and Margaret's eldest daughter, Fanny, married a dentist in Sydney in March 1899.  She and her husband, Andrew Edmonds Rous Martin had a son in 1900. After a couple of years there are no more records, and so it has been theorised that they most probably left the country as Fanny's husband was born in California, although his father was an English sea captain.  Fanny apparently died in 1921, and Andrew in 1941.

It doesn't seem that Charles, James or Effie had children and so it seems that the Transoms have died out in Australia.

I've managed to find some In Memoriam messages inserted by Cecil's wife and daughter in the Sydney Morning Herald on Friday 16 March 1900.

TRANSOM.—In loving memory of my dear husband,
Charles Transom, who departed this life March 16, 1899.Inserted by his affectionate wife.
He has gone to his rest, his troubles are o'er ;
He has done with sorrow and pain.  The ills of his life he patiently boreWill never distress him again.
TRANSOM.—In loving memory of our dear father,      Charles Transom, who departed this life March 16, 1899

TRANSOM.—In loving remembrance of our dear father,
At rest. Inserted by his affectionate children.  

Charles Transom, who died at his daughter's residence,Leichhardt, March 16, 1899, aged 56 years.
For many years our family chain
Was firmly linked together,
But, oh, that chain is broken now,
One link has gone for ever.  Inserted by F. and A. R. M.

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Whitlock family

Emily Blanche Whitlock married Alister's Great Great Uncle, James Munro Bertram in 1900.  

Emily was from a Wanganui family and her parents were Frederick John and Jane Elizabeth Whitlock.

Frederick John Whitlock married Jane Elizabeth Parsloe in 1868, and they went on to have six children.

1. Frederick and Jane's eldest son was Francis Parsloe Whitlock.  Francis was born on 13 April 1869 at the Brewery on the River bank in Wanganui.  in 1898 he married Florence Thorogood in Victoria, Australia.  He had at least one child - a son also called Francis Parsloe Whitlock (1900 - 1939).  Frank Snr died on 10 March 1949.

2. Frederick and Jane's eldest daughter was Marion Caroline Whitlock.  She was born on 29 July 1870.  On 17 July 1894 she married Auguste Louis Soufflot, a French surveyor, at Christ Church in Wanganui.  Marion died on 23 May 1961 at the Raetihi Hospital. Marion and Auguste's children are noted in the Soufflot post on this blog.

3.  Frederick and Jane's next daughter was Emily Blanche Whitlock.  Emily was born on 8 April 1873 at the Wanganui Hotel.  This is the Emily who married Alister's Great Great Uncle James Munro Bertram.

4.  Frederick and Jane's second son, Frederick John Whitlock was born in 1875.  Frederick married Marion "May" Ball on 4 December 1902 at Trinity Wesleyan Church in Wanganui.  He died in 1966 at the grand age of 91.

5.  Frederick and Jane's youngest son was Percival Sydney Whitlock.  He was born on 1 September 1876 in Wanganui.  Percy married Evelyn Chesman Wilton on 18 April 1908.  Percy also lived to the age of 91, dying in 1968.

6.  Frederick and Jane's youngest child was Hilda  Kate Whitlock and she was born in 1879.  Hilda never married and died in 1956.

Wikipedia contains an entry about Fred's business:

The company was started by Frederick Whitlock (1833-1908) in Wanganui, New Zealand. Initially, manufacturing took place in the backyard of Frederick's residence before a purpose built factory was built in London Street, Wanganui in around 1902.
Products manufactured included Tomato Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, Chutney, Chow Chow, Piccalilli, Vinegar, Cordials and Liqueur flavourings. In the early days, product was distributed by horse and cart locally and by ship to Nelson, Wellington, New Plymouth, Dunedin, Timaru, Christchurch, Greymouth and Auckland.
F. Whitlock & Sons Ltd was very much a family business, with four generations of Whitlocks joining and running the company before it was sold in 1985 to Australian company R M Gow Ltd. Thereafter, the company changed hands a couple more times before being purchased by another well known New Zealand food manufacturer, Cerebos Gregg Ltd. A short time later, the original plant and fittings were removed to Auckland and the Wanganui land and factory buildings were sold.
Fred Whitlock died 23 August 1908 and Jane died later, on 12 January 1930.
The Wanganui Chronicle wrote a full obituary for Fred:

It is with sincere regret that we have this morning to announce the death of Mr Frederick Whitlock, which occurred yesterday afternoon as the outcome of the serious injuries which he sustained in the trap accident which befel him just three weeks ago. 
The deceased, who was the head and founder of the well-known firm of Messrs F. Whitlock and Song, pickle and cordial manufacturers, was an old and respected resident of Wanganui, but it may be added that he was just as well known in every township and village on the coast as he was in Wanganui. 
He was a man of bright and cheerful disposition, and, for his years, remarkably active. He had attained the ripe age of 75 years, but until he met with the accident which caused his death he went about his business with a sprightliness which often put many a much younger man to the blush. He always had a happy smile and a cheerful greeting for his friends and acquaintances, all of whom will learn with deep regret of his tragic and lamentable death. A grown-up family of three sons and three daughters, Messrs Frank, Frederick, and Percy Whitlock (all associated with the business), Mrs A. Sufflot, Mrs J. Bertram (of Hinuwera, Waikato) and Miss Hilda Whitlock. To them, and to their sorrowing mother, we tender our heartfelt sympathy. 

Frederick Whitlock

Jane Whitlock

Auguste Soufflot Family

Marion Caroline Whitlock is referenced in the Whitlock family post on this blog - here is the information about her family with Auguste Louis Soufflot:

Marion and Auguste married by Rev T.B. McClean on 17 July 1894 at Christ Church in Wanganui.  Auguste was a French surveyor.  Marion was about 24 at the time of her marriage, and Auguste was around 31 years of age.  The marriage notice in the Wanganui Chronicle notes that Auguste was the son of the late L.A. Soufflot.  Auguste's father (also called Auguste Louis) had died in 1889 at the age of 67, putting his birth date, in France at around 1822.   

Marion and Auguste had a number of children following their marriage:

1.  Eldest son Louis Mortimer Soufflot was born in 1895

2.  Only daughter Evelyn Blanche Soufflot was born on 12 February 1900.  In 1922 she married Frank Woodward.  Evelyn died on 8 June 1988.

3.  Next son Norman Frank Massena Soufflot was born on 13 July 1901

4.  Third son Percival Leslie Soufflot was born in 1904

5.  Youngest son Frederick Kenneth Soufflot was born on 25 July 1909 

Auguste died on 15 July 1919 at Wanganui.  At the time of his death, he and Marion had been living in Ohakune.  Auguste was 56 years old at the time of this death.  An obituary appeared soon after his death, in the Wanganui Chronicle:

The very many friends of Mr A. L. Soufflot will regret exceedingly to hear of his death, which occurred on Wednesday last, 15th June, after a short illness. 

The late Mr Soufflot arrived in Wanganui with his parents, brother Harry, and two sisters, some 46 years ago, and spent his boyhood days in and about Wanganui, mostly at Aramoho. At the age of 18 he joined the Land and Survey Department, being on the staff of the late Mr John Annabell, then District Surveyor for a number of years. Later on he was transferred to the Public Works Department, having shown marked ability in the engineering branch of the profession. During the whole course of his subsequent career he was stationed in and around the Wanranui district. Mr Soufflot was a man who never spared himself and always took "the heavy end of the log." 

In his younger days he dearly loved a joke, and his old camp mates will have vivid recollections of those he played on them, some of them exceedingly practical. Of a retiring disposition and most gentle and lovable nature, Augusste Soufflot will be deeply mourned, and sadly missed by his very many friends. To his sorrowing widow (a daughter of the late Mr F. Whitlock, of Aramoho), and children, we extend our heartfelt sympathy in their great loss.

Marion died on 23 May 1961 at the Raetihi Hospital.