Sunday, September 11, 2011

Elizabeth Rankin Transom Parker

Elizabeth Rankin Transom was the only daughter of Cecil Charles Transom and Isabella Ellen Adam.  She was born in 1871 and in 1897 in Stoke, Nelson she married Charles Parker.  Charles had been born in Stoke in 1866.

Elizabeth and Charles had five children, including twin girls.  

Ronald Charles Victor Parker was born on 20 June 1898.  Ronald married Alice Rawcliffe in 1929.  He died in 1985 aged 87.

Bernice Ada Parker was born in 1899.  I'm unsure what became of her.

Blanche Edith Parker, a twin, was born on 11 August 1901 but died six weeks later.

Stella Mary Transom Parker, the other twin, was of course also born on 11 August 1901.  She survived infancy and married Raymond Charles Chambers in 1927.  Raymond had been born in 1894.  Raymond had previously married Henrietta Tandy in 1919, but she died in 1926, at the age of 30, possibly leaving Raymond with two young children.  I understand that Stella and Raymond possibly had three children together.  Raymond died on 13 March 1977 and Stella died in 1980.

Elizabeth and Charles' youngest daughter was Rubina Bessie Parker.  She was born in 1905 and died as a 17 month old infant in 1906.


Any more information about any of these families would be much appreciated.


  1. Hi my name is Laura and my Great-Grandmother was Bernice Ada Parker. I am also researching my family tree and i can provide information on Bernice Ada Parker.

  2. Hi Laura - that would be fabulous. Feel free to email me at piptransom @ gmail . com (obviously take spaces out). I look forward to hearing from you! Cheers!