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Whitlock family

Emily Blanche Whitlock married Alister's Great Great Uncle, James Munro Bertram in 1900.  

Emily was from a Wanganui family and her parents were Frederick John and Jane Elizabeth Whitlock.

Frederick John Whitlock married Jane Elizabeth Parsloe in 1868, and they went on to have six children.

1. Frederick and Jane's eldest son was Francis Parsloe Whitlock.  Francis was born on 13 April 1869 at the Brewery on the River bank in Wanganui.  in 1898 he married Florence Thorogood in Victoria, Australia.  He had at least one child - a son also called Francis Parsloe Whitlock (1900 - 1939).  Frank Snr died on 10 March 1949.

2. Frederick and Jane's eldest daughter was Marion Caroline Whitlock.  She was born on 29 July 1870.  On 17 July 1894 she married Auguste Louis Soufflot, a French surveyor, at Christ Church in Wanganui.  Marion died on 23 May 1961 at the Raetihi Hospital. Marion and Auguste's children are noted in the Soufflot post on this blog.

3.  Frederick and Jane's next daughter was Emily Blanche Whitlock.  Emily was born on 8 April 1873 at the Wanganui Hotel.  This is the Emily who married Alister's Great Great Uncle James Munro Bertram.

4.  Frederick and Jane's second son, Frederick John Whitlock was born in 1875.  Frederick married Marion "May" Ball on 4 December 1902 at Trinity Wesleyan Church in Wanganui.  He died in 1966 at the grand age of 91.

5.  Frederick and Jane's youngest son was Percival Sydney Whitlock.  He was born on 1 September 1876 in Wanganui.  Percy married Evelyn Chesman Wilton on 18 April 1908.  Percy also lived to the age of 91, dying in 1968.

6.  Frederick and Jane's youngest child was Hilda  Kate Whitlock and she was born in 1879.  Hilda never married and died in 1956.

Wikipedia contains an entry about Fred's business:

The company was started by Frederick Whitlock (1833-1908) in Wanganui, New Zealand. Initially, manufacturing took place in the backyard of Frederick's residence before a purpose built factory was built in London Street, Wanganui in around 1902.
Products manufactured included Tomato Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, Chutney, Chow Chow, Piccalilli, Vinegar, Cordials and Liqueur flavourings. In the early days, product was distributed by horse and cart locally and by ship to Nelson, Wellington, New Plymouth, Dunedin, Timaru, Christchurch, Greymouth and Auckland.
F. Whitlock & Sons Ltd was very much a family business, with four generations of Whitlocks joining and running the company before it was sold in 1985 to Australian company R M Gow Ltd. Thereafter, the company changed hands a couple more times before being purchased by another well known New Zealand food manufacturer, Cerebos Gregg Ltd. A short time later, the original plant and fittings were removed to Auckland and the Wanganui land and factory buildings were sold.
Fred Whitlock died 23 August 1908 and Jane died later, on 12 January 1930.
The Wanganui Chronicle wrote a full obituary for Fred:

It is with sincere regret that we have this morning to announce the death of Mr Frederick Whitlock, which occurred yesterday afternoon as the outcome of the serious injuries which he sustained in the trap accident which befel him just three weeks ago. 
The deceased, who was the head and founder of the well-known firm of Messrs F. Whitlock and Song, pickle and cordial manufacturers, was an old and respected resident of Wanganui, but it may be added that he was just as well known in every township and village on the coast as he was in Wanganui. 
He was a man of bright and cheerful disposition, and, for his years, remarkably active. He had attained the ripe age of 75 years, but until he met with the accident which caused his death he went about his business with a sprightliness which often put many a much younger man to the blush. He always had a happy smile and a cheerful greeting for his friends and acquaintances, all of whom will learn with deep regret of his tragic and lamentable death. A grown-up family of three sons and three daughters, Messrs Frank, Frederick, and Percy Whitlock (all associated with the business), Mrs A. Sufflot, Mrs J. Bertram (of Hinuwera, Waikato) and Miss Hilda Whitlock. To them, and to their sorrowing mother, we tender our heartfelt sympathy. 

Frederick Whitlock

Jane Whitlock

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