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Josiah "Joseph" Transom1868 - 1936

Josiah "Joseph" Transom was yet another son of Charles Cecil Transom and his wife Isabella Ellen Adam Transom.  Joseph was born in Greytown in 1868. 

Joseph married Edith Catherine Hawkeswood in 1893.  Edith was born in 1870.  Together, Joseph and Edith had three children.
Joseph Richard Transom (1896).  In 1916 he married Eleonora Maude Heise who was only 19 at the time.  Sadly, Eleonora died young, at the age of merely 36 years on 3 September 1933.  By that time they already had several children, including a son, John "Jack" Transom (see separate post).  Joseph died in 1970 - presumably he remarried, because he is not buried with Eleonora at the Catholic section of Tahape Cemetery.

Gladwynne Maurice Transom (1898).  In 1926 he married Elsie May Gallagher  in 1926.  Elsie was 24 years old at the time.  Gladwynne died on 24 September 1968 and Elsie died on 14 June 1982.  They are both buried in the Catholic section at Taihape Cemetery.

Eileen Isabel Catherine Transom (1902).  In 1923 she married James Gabriel Delaney. Eileen died in 1960, aged 58.  

Joseph Snr died in 1936 and Edith died on 12 August 1938.  They are both buried in the Taihape Cemetery.  Edith's sudden death was recorded in the 13 August 1938 edition of the Auckland Star:

(By Telegraph.—Own Correspondent.)
TAIHAPE, Friday.
A widow, Mrs. E. C.Transom, died suddenly at her residence about 3 p.m. yesterday. Her death was discovered by Mr. W. Collins, who had called on her to procure some foodstuff a for a function to be held in the evening. After knocking on the door he heard a thud, and on investigation discovered the deceased lying on the floor. Medical aid was called immediately, but life was pronounced extinct.
Mrs. Transom had been a resident here for some 28 years. Born and educated in Auckland, she had lived in various parts of New Zealand prior to coming to Taihape. She is survived by two sons and one daughter, Messrs. J. R. Transom and G. M. Transom, Taihape, and Mrs. J. G. Delaney, Auckland.

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