Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cecil "Percy" Transom 1869 - 1949

Cecil Percy "Percy" Transom/Transome was one of the sons of Charles Cecil Transom and his wife Isabella Ellen Adam Transom.  He was born on 14 November 1869 in Featherston and died on 29 May 1949.

On 20 July 1898 Percy married Emily Arnold (1871 - 1964).  See more about Emily in another blog post.

Percy and Emily had two daughters.  

On 30 June 1900 Eva Grace Transome was born.  She died in 1972, and never appears to have married or had children of her own.  Note, the spelling in the birth registrations appears to have remained Transome.

Second daughter Idez Linda May Transome was born on 17 May 1904.  She died in 1980, again never having married or had children.

Percy lived in Hawera, where his wife, Emily was from.  They were married quietly in the Presbyterian Church in Hawera by Rev. T. McDonald on 20 July 1898.  Best man was Mr A Hannah.   They appear to have left Taranaki (and possibly NZ) around April/May 1907.

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