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Charles Transom 1866 - 1938

Charles Transom was the second eldest son of Cecil Charles Transom and Isabella Ellen Adam Transom.

Charles (21 October 1866 - 25 August 1938) married Norah Moore (16 April 1884 - 1972) on 22 April 1903, in Waione. Norah was only 19 at the time of her marriage - Charles was a good deal older, being 37. Norah appears to have been involved with the St Matthews parish in Masterton, and indeed, the Transoms do seem to have some connection to the Wairarapa.

Charles and Norah were Alister's Great Grandparents. They had the following children:

Charles Henry "Laddie" Transom (18 June 1904, Waione - 1971, Brisbane) married Corrie May (1915 - 17 May 1965). This couple are also both buried in the Catholic section of the Taihape Cemetery.

Emily "Midge" Transom (8 August 1905 - August 1988, Taihape). Emily worked in Taihape as a nurse and midwife.

Harriet "Bub"Transom (8 July 1907 - June 1977, Kaikohe)

Eustace Cecil "Mick" Transom (16 November 1911, Taihape - 13 September 1991, Taihape). This was Alister's grandfather, who he unfortunately barely knew. Mick is buried at the Taihape Cemetery.

Charles and Norah are buried in the Catholic section of the Taihape Cemetery along with their daughter, Emily. Emily died in 1988 at the age of 83.

I'm still looking for further information here - including Harriet's married name. I've been helped in updating this page with information Alister's late father, Gerald Transom, recorded prior to his death.

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