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Nidd family - origins of Thomas Nidd?

Grandad's grandfather was Thomas Nidd - please see the separate blog post which is focussed in its entirety to him and his wife Margaret Nidd nee Maher.

I believe he arrived in New Zealand on the ship Rajah around 1857.  Possibly he came via Australia and possibly he  also came with a brother, Robert Nidd.  

Robert Nidd was the only other Nidd in New Zealand at any time who has not been a direct descendant of Thomas.  Robert Nidd married Isabella McCready on 22 June 1863 in Dunedin.  They appear to have lived on the West Coast of New Zealand.  See more about this family here.

But where did these Nidds come from originally?  The following is speculation, but I think that it is probably the right story:

Richard Nidd was born 1787 Holbeach, Lincolnshire.  Richard married Mary Johnson. Mary was born around 1807 in Emneth, Norfolk.  Richard and Mary had six children.

Frederic Nidd born 1827, Norfolk, England
Thomas Nidd born 1832 Norfolk, England possibly christened on 25 January 1832 as William Thomas Richard Nidd at Wisbeach, Cambridgeshire
Robert Nidd born 1834 Norfolk and christened 5 July 1834 Emneth, Norfolk
Richard Nidd born 1836 Norfolk and christened 15 May 1836 Emneth, Norfolk - died in the March quarter of 1843 at Wisbeach, Cambridgeshire aged 7 years
William Nidd born September 1838 Wisbeach, Cambridgeshire
John Henry Nidd born 1841 Wisbeach, Cambridgeshire

Richard Nidd Snr died in the September quarter 1841, leaving Mary Nidd with four small boys; Thomas, Robert, William and John.  In 1845, Mary appears to have had another child - daughter Sarah Ann Nidd - but there is no way Richard could have been the father!  Tellingly, this child was not christened for another ten years. 

If this is the family of Robert and Thomas, and they went to New Zealand/Australia - what became of the rest of the family?

John Henry Nidd married 19 year old Mary Jane Lashbrook in the March quarter of 1869 in East Stonehouse.  They had at least two children, and seem to have lived around Kent and Hampshire.

It is unclear if William Nidd ever married.  

James Latto and Mary Brown

James Latto was born around 24 February 1828 in Kinglassie, Scotland to William Latto and Barbara Ross.  Around 1845 he married Mary Brown, who had been born on 5 November 1822 in Kilmany, Scotland.  James and Mary, along with eldest daughter 'Catharine' are listed in the 1851 Census living in Woodside, Markinch, Fife, Midlothian.  James is listed as being aged 24, and an agricultural labourer born Kinglassie, Fife; Mary is a 25 year old, born in Kilmany, Fife; Catharine is a two year old born in Markinch, Fife. 

James and Mary Latto had five children, who were all born in Markinch, Scotland, prior to their trip to New Zealand:
  1. Catherine Latto Born 27 March 1849, christened 8 April 1849  - died in 1860 in Scotland aged 10 
  2. William Latto 13 December 1852  died on 6 October 1931
  3. George Latto 22 January 1855  married 1889 Mary Norris - died in 1912
  4. James Latto 14 April 1857 - 1863 aged six years
  5. David Latto 3 July 1859 - 1926
The family arrived in Canterbury, New Zealand on 21 May 1863, on the ship Sebastapol, having left four and a half months earlier on 7 January 1863.  James and Mary's only daughter, Catherine, had died several years before they left for New Zealand.  Sadly, the new start in a new country was marred by the death of their third son, six year old James, within months of their arrival in New Zealand.  
On the Sebastapol passenger list, the family are listed as coming from Fifeshire and James is listed as being a ploughman.  He certainly seems to have continued in this work upon his arrival in New Zealand.

It's long been thought that Jim and Jennie Latto, David's eldest son and daughter, were brought up by their grandparents, James and Mary, but given that Mary died in 1888, that seems unlikely.  It's likely that George and his wife Mary assisted with the children instead.

James Latto died in 1907.   

Latto earliest lineage traced so far

As noted in the blog below - Janet Hislop was my great great grandmother.  Her first husband (my great grandmother's father) was David Latto - his lineage goes something like this:

George LATO (1750) married Margaret CURRIE, (chr. 12 August 1753, Markinch) on 18 February 1775, at Markinch, Scotland.   George and Margaret Lato were my Great x 5 grandparents.

George and Margaret Lato had at least three children.  Two were daughters by the same name, indicating that the eldest one died young, and at least by the time of the second daughter's birth:

Margaret LATO (chr. 4 February 1776, Markinch) must have died as a child.
Margaret LATTO (chr. 7 August 1785, Markinch) 
William LATTO (chr. 14 January 1782, Markinch) married Barbara Ross (1796, Kinglassie) on 5 January 1821 in Kinglassie.  William and Barbara were my Great x 4 grandparents.  William and Barbara had six children - three boys and three girls:

George Latto (1 April 1822, Kinglassie)
Isabel Latto (chr. 8 August 1824, Kinglassie)
Margaret Latto (chr. 13 September 1829, Kinglassie)
William Latto (chr. 28 May 1833, Kinglassie) possibly married Margaret Campbell on 22 November 1864 at Kirkcaldy
Barbara Latto (chr. 4 April 1837, Kinglassie) possibly married Robert Wallace on 9 December 1863 at Markinch
Barbara and Robert Wallace had at least four children as listed below - I am still trying to trace more of these branches of the family:
  James Wallace born 31 January 1865 Markinch
  Barbara Wallace born 11 July 1866 Markinch
  Isabella Wallace born 2 January 1868 Markinch
  Robina Wallace born 4 March 1874 Markinch
James Latto (chr. 24 February 1828, Kinglassie) married Mary Brown (chr. on 5 November 1822, at Kimany) in 1845.  These were David Latto's parents, and my Great x 3 grandparents.  They sailed from Scotland to New Zealand on Sebastapol with their four young sons in 1863 - as listed here.    

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Thomson Family of Edinburgh

Marion Sutherland nee Thomson (formerly Waters) was Alister's Great Great Great Grandmother. Her father, Archibald Thomson married Janet Sime on 24 April 1812 at Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. Janet was the daughter of John Sime.

1. Christian Thomson (8 March 1813, bapt. 28 March 1813, Canongate, Midlothian, Edinburgh) married William Thomson on 31 December 1840 at St Cuthberts Parish, Midlothian, Edinburgh.  Given the middle name of one of their children, I'm pretty certain of this marriage.  William seems to have been a brewer, in partnership with John Morison, Snr and Jnr, in Edinburgh.  There is a record in the Edinburgh Gazette on 7 January 1881, of the partnership being dissolved.  It records that William retired from the firm on 31 March 1878, and sons John Sime Thomson and Archibald Thomson are both listed as two of the three executors/trustees of his estate (William had obviously died between March 1878 and December 1880).  The other executor/trustee was a Mark Binnie.  Together, William and Christian had the following children:
   1.1 John Sime Thomson (1 November 1844, Canongate, Midlothian).  In the 1891 census John was recorded as being 47 years old and living in Arbroath, Forfarshire (Angus).
   1.2 Archibald Thomson (16 November 1846, St Cuthberts,  Midlothian)
   1.3 Isabella Christina Thomson (8 December 1848, St Cuthberts,  Midlothian)
   1.4 Helen Thomson (1 February 1851, St Cuthberts,  Midlothian)
   1.5 Marion Thomson (21 March 1853, St Cuthberts,  Midlothian)

2. Marion Thomson (3 September 1815, bapt. 24 September 1815, Canongate, Midlothian, Edinburgh).

3. Helen Thomson (1 June 1817, bapt. 26 June 1817, Canongate, Midlothian, Edinburgh)

4. David Thomson (13 September 1819, bapt. 3 October 1819, Canongate, Midlothian, Edinburgh)

5. Janet Thomson (bapt. 5 November 1820, Canongate, Midlothian, Edinburgh)

6. John Thomson (3 February 1823, St Cuthberts, Midlothian, Edinburgh)

7. Archibald Thomson (6 March 1827, St Cuthberts, Midlothian, Edinburgh)

8. Margaret Thomson (8 March 1830, St Cuthberts, Midlothian, Edinburgh)

9. Robert Thomson (25 June 1831, St Cuthberts, Midlothian, Edinburgh)

10. Margaret Thomson (10 May 1833, St Cuthberts, Midlothian, Edinburgh)

At Marion's baptism, Archibald is listed as being a Smith. They are listed as residing at Cropcauseway.

Hopefully more information to come.

Marion's father Archibald's family was possibly as follows, although this needs to be confirmed:

David Thomson married Marion Elder on 4 June 1775 at Haddington, East Lothian.  They had the following children:

1. Helen Thomson (14 June 1776, chr. 23 June 1776, Athelstaneford, East Lothian)
2. Alexander Thomson (2 June 1778, chr. 7 June 1778, Athelstaneford, East Lothian)
3. William Thomson (25 February 1780, chr. 27 February 1780, Athelstaneford, East Lothian)
4. David Thomson (1 January 1782, chr. 6 January 1782, Athelstaneford, East Lothian)
5. Marian Thomson (8 August 1784, chr. 15 August 1784, Haddington, East Lothian)
6. Jean Thomson (25 July 1786, chr. 30 July 1786, Haddington, East Lothian)
7. Margaret Thomson (28 June 1788, chr. 6 Julky 1788, Haddington, East Lothian)
8. Janet Thomson (2 July 1890, chr. 11 July 1890, Haddington, East Lothian)
9. Archibald Thomson (15 July 1792, chr. 22 July 1792, Haddington, East Lothian)
10. Robert Thomson (1 April 1795, chr. 5 April 1795, Haddington, East Lothian)

Thanks to Wayne for assisting me with this information!!!

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Glubb family

Ellen Agatha Gill was a sister of Tom Gill, who married my grandfather's Aunty Addie Latto.  They are no relation to us except through marriage, however Ellen Gill married a Mr Glubb - and Glubb is such an unusual name, that I couldn't help but look into them further.  So for anyone who is a Glubb descendant, I've recorded some information I've found on them (happy to stand corrected on anything).

Ellen Agatha Gill was born in 1881 to Thomas and Elizabeth Gill.  In 1904, she married Richard Henry "Harry" Glubb.  

Richard Henry "Harry" Glubb was born around 1879 to Richard (1849 - 5 June 1902) and Eliza Elizabeth Glubb (1853 - 18 June 1918).  The Glubbs came to New Zealand on the ship Christian McAusland, from London, on 6 August 1872.  They were assisted immigrants.  Richard died on 5 June 1902 at the age of 53.  He had been a labourer at the time of his death and had resided at 56 Peterborough Street, Christchurch prior to his death.  He is buried at Sydenham cemetery.    Sixteen years later, in 1918, Eliza died.  At the time of her death, Eliza was a resident at the Jubilee Home, in Christchurch.  Eliza is buried at Linwood Cemetery in Christchurch.  

Presumably Harry and Ellen met around Christchurch, and then moved north to Palmerston North.  Newspaper reports show Harry to be something of an entertainer; taking part in amateur theatrics in Palmerston North in 1905 and then again in Wanganui in 1909.  Ellen also partook, prior to the birth of her children.

The family later moved on the Ellesmere district, and were living there from the 1920s.  No doubt they would have known of Grandad's father and family as well as Monica and the McEvedys - indeed Ellen and Monica were both part of the Ellesmere Basketball Sub-association together in 1944!  Newspaper reports show that the children of the family carried on their parents' interest in music and theatre - an article in the Ellesmere Guardian in 1926 recording Ross and Des singing and dancing under their father's direction as part of a Merrymakers Party entertainment troup at the local Lodge. 

Harry and Ellen had a number of  children:
    1. Roscius Henry "Ross" Glubb 1905 - 1964.  On 23 July 1906, it was reported in the Wanganui Chronicle, where the family must have been living (at 5 Bell Street), that Harry had brought Roscius to the Chronicle, with the manager of the Baby Show competition - as Roscius had won ten pounds as the winner of the competition!  True to the family's love of theatre - Ross got his name from the Roscius Dramatic Company, of which both parents were members at the time of his birth in 1905! Married Gwendoline Florence Ryde and had three children, Adrienne, Richard and Susan.  Gwendoline was born on 6 July 1906 and was the daughter of Percy and Bella Ryde, nee Chapman - see this site for a lot more information on the Ryde family.  Gwen died on 8 June 1993.  Ross and Gwen are buried in the Waimairi cemetery, Christchurch. 
    2. Eileen Elizabeth Glubb 25 May 1906, Wanganui.  Eileen married Roy Lane (4 August 1910 - 22 May 1990).  Eileen was a teacher and Roy was a watchmaker.  Eileen died on 3 September 2001 and is buried at Avonhead cemetery in Christchurch with Roy.  
    3. Thomas Desmond "Desmond" Glubb 16 February 1908 - 1994 
    4. Maurice James Glubb 19 December 1909 - 1994 
    5. Kathleen Glubb 
    6. Eleanor "Adrienne" Glubb
    7. Richard George Glubb 25 February 1915 - 2008 
    8. Arthur Basil Glubb 31 January 1917 - 5 August 1990 - Arthur's occupation at the date of his death was that of painter/decorator.  Arthur was buried at the Avonhead Cemetery, Christchurch.
    9. Lawrence Anthony Glubb 27 July 1921 - 2010
    10. Bernard Vincent Glubb 13 September 1923 - 5 May 2005 - Bernard was retired at the time of his death (he was aged 81).  He is also buried in the Avonhead Cemetery, Christchurch.  Probably married Doreen Mary Glubb 29 March 1922 - 20 June 2006.  Doreen was 84 and described as a 'homemaker' at the time of her death.  She is also buried in the Avonhead Cemetery, Christchurch, in the same plot as Bernard.
    11. Yvonne Glubb ????
Harry died on 15 February 1961.  At the time of Harry's death in 1961, they were living at 25 Mandeville Street, Christchurch.  The family were Catholic.  
    Ellen died eight years later on 7 August 1969.  Both Ellen and Harry are buried at Waimairi Cemetery in Christchurch.  

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    Tutchen Family

    Alister's great great grandmother was Christina Bertram nee Waters.  Christina's elder  brother was John Waters who resided in Wellington all his life, and married Miss Eleanor Tutchen on 2 May 1857.

    Eleanor was born around 1835 and emigrated to New Zealand on the ship Arab, arriving in October 1841.   She travelled with her parents and her seven siblings - the passenger list gives their details as:  

    Peter Tutchen aged 40 - listed as a shepherd (born around 1801)
    Sarah Tutchen aged 39 (born around 1802)
    Simon Peter Tutchen aged 16 and also listed as a shepherd (born around 1825) 
    Sarah Tutchen aged 14 (born around 1827 and died at sea)
    Charles Tutchen aged 13 (born around 1828)
    Mary Tutchen aged 11  (born around 1830)
    Josiah Tutchen aged 9 (born around 1832)
    Ann Tutchen aged 8 (born around 1833)
    Eleanor Tutchen aged 6 (born around 1835)
    David Tutchen aged 2 (born around 1839)

    It seems that Eleanor wasn't the only one to marry a Waters - Simon Peter Tutchen married Jessie Waters, John's sister, probably around 1862.  Simon died at Wellington on 27 December 1872 aged 48.  Jessie herself died aged 65 on 6 November 1902.

    Josiah Tutchen died at Tauranga Bay of Plenty on 29 January 1911 aged 79. (see separate post about him)  

    David Tutchen died at Duffer Gully, Greymouth on 7 February 1872 due to a landslip aged 34.  The Daily Southern Cross reported on 22 February 1872:

    A miner named David Tutchen was killed by a landslip at Duffer Creek on the night of Wednesday, 7th instant. The accident was discovered by a man named Benjamin Southworth, who went to the place where deceased used to reside early on Thursday morning. Tutchen's hut stood on a ledge overhanging one of the upper tributaries of Duffer Creek. He lived by himself, some distance from any other camp, and he was heard playing a flute in his hut late on Wednesday night. Some time during the night, which was very stormy, a portion of the range above the house slipped down, and carried the hut of deceased away with it into the creek below. He was found lying calmly on his stretcher, with the roof of the hut lying on his dead body, and he appeared to have been killed in bis sleep, for there was no expression of pain or suffering on the features. 

    Charles Tutchen married Sarah Ann Gard in 1880.  He then died in 1882.  He doesn't appear to have had any children, that I have been able to find.  

    Mary Tutchen married Edwin Bannister at St Peter's Church in Te Aro on 23 August 1849.  She must have been the ripe old age of about 19 at the time of her marriage.

    Ann "Annie" Tutchen married Joseph Lowry in on 7 November 1853 at St Peter's Church.  They were married by 'special licence' by Rev. R. Cole.  On 7 July 1854, Annie gave birth to their son, James Lowry, at her parents' home Hawthorne Hill, Te Aro.  Sadly complications from the birth must have ensued, and Annie died just four days later on 11 July 1854 at the age of just 21.  Annie was buried at the Bolton Street Cemetery.  Annie's funeral took place on 13 July 1854, and left from the home of her parents.  

    The Tutchen family appear to have resided in Happy Valley, Wellington.

    Peter Tutchen (Eleanor's father) died at his residence Hawthorn Hill on 11 March 1861.  Sarah Tutchen (Eleanor's mother) died at her residence in Brougham Street, Wellington on 23 April 1882 aged 84.  

    John and Catherine Waters nee Wemyss

    John Waters III was a son of John and Eleanor Waters.  He was a first cousin of Alister's great grandfather, Herbert Bertram and was born around 1863, in Wellington.  

    John married Catherine Jane Wemyss, the youngest daughter of John Wemyss, Renwicktown, Marlborough on 2 July 1886 in Blenheim.  They settled in Ward, Awatere, Blenheim and raised a family of twelve children.   

    Another example of the affection the Waters children felt for their step-father, and obviously their children for their step-grandfather, Nathaniel Sutherland, is demonstrated again in that John and Catherine called one of their children, born 1910, Nathaniel Stanley Waters.  
    All their children are as follows:

    1. Eleanor Catherine Waters (2 December 1886 - 1972).  Married George Phillip Osborne (son of William and Elizabeth Ellen Osborne (1881 - 1942) in 1928. 

    2. Janet Fordyce Waters (1889 - 1942).  Married Alan Charles Ferguson (son of Charles and Agnes Eliza Ferguson) (17 June 1888 - 1981) in 1913.

    3. Cyril John Waters (1891 - 1915).  Cyril never married as he was lost in World War One.  Trooper Cyril John Waters was wounded at Galliopoli and died on 31 August 1915, in a Cairo hospital.  

    4. Marion Stanley Waters (1893 - 1953).  Married Leonard Foster McDonald (son of Alexander and Susan Matilda McDonald) (1 May 1894 - 1974) in 1915.

    5. Ida Tutchen Waters (1898).  I'm unsure what happened to Ida.   

    6. Ian Wemyss Waters (1900 - 1900).  Died aged just two months.

    7. Ruby Wemyss Waters (4 August 1901 - 4 February 1985).  A surviving twin.    Ruby never married and was buried on 7 February 1985 at the Ward Cemetary in the Marlborough District.  

    8. Pearl Wemyss Waters (4 August 1901 - 1 June 1902).  This twin baby died at Timara Mill at the age of 10 months "Rest sweet babe!" reads the obituary. 

    9. Jessie Tutchen Waters (1903 - 22 July 1936).  Married Arthur Sharpe Lyford (son of Aldophus William and Alice Anne Lyford) (18 April 1903 - 1975) in 1927.   They had at least one child, and it does look as though Jessie died either as a result of the birth of their baby, or post natal complications.  Both Jessie and baby Annie are buried at the Ward Cemetery.   When Arthur died almost 40 years later, he was also buried at Ward.  
       9.1 Annie Lyford (1936 - 1936).  Died aged just one day.

    10. Frederick Ernest Waters (1905 - 1965).  Married Ruby Beulah Phyllis Nicholson (daughter of Lewis and Martha Nicholson) (7 September 1902 - 1996) in 1929. 

    11. Norman Archibald Waters (16 August 1907 - 1988) 

    12. Nathaniel Stanley Waters (10 April 1910 - September 1973).  Married Nancy (1917 - 7 October 1999).  Nathaniel and Nancy are buried in the Marsden Valley Cemetery.

    John Waters died on 18 April 1940, aged 77 and is buried in the Ward Cemetery with his wife Catherine Waters, who died on 1 February 1954 at the age of 87.  

    The Viles family

    Jessie Christina Waters was one of the daughters of John and Eleanor Waters.  she was Alister's great grandfather Herbert Bertram's first cousin.

    Jessie married Walter Franklyn Viles, second son of Josiah Viles of the  Wairarapa, on 25 September 1896 at St Mary's Church in Ashhurst.  Walter was born on 12 December 1870 and died on 15 December 1963.  He is buried with Jessie, who died on 15 August 1946, in the Feilding Cemetery.  They had at least two children, including a daughter, born in West Street, Feilding (at the home of a Mrs Groves) on 21 March 1898.  Sadly, their ten year old son, Walter Frank Viles, died on 19 April 1912 after a freak horse riding accident. One account of the accident is as follows:

    FEILDING, April 19. Walter Viles, aged eleven, was riding to school at Waiata this morning on a brokendown racehorse which he had not ridden before, when the horse bolted, stumbled, and threw the boy, whose foot was held by the stirrup.
    He was dragged four hundred yards, and when picked up his head was smashed into a pulp. The boy immediately expired. His sister witnessed the whole occurrence.

    He is also buried at the Feilding Cemetery.

    Walter was a witness in a divorce case in Feilding between Henry Bailey and his wife (who seemed to get around somewhat...) in 1907.  He deposed that the respondent wife had told him that another man was the father of her second child.  Much fun was made, by the lawyers, of the fact that Walter was extremely deaf and that the woman would have had to have yelled it at him for him to hear!  Poor Walter!  The account of the case is interesting to me from a legal perspective, because lawyers involved include well known names like Cooper, Innes, Fitzherbert.  

    They produced five children:

    1. Eleanor Veronica Viles (21 March 1898).  Married James Campbell.  

    2. Jessie Franklyn Viles (14 August 1900 - 29 July 1981).  Married Newell Pearce.
     2.1 Kevin Pearce
     2.2 Alvin Pearce
     2.3 Winston Pearce
     2.4 Noel Pearce

    3. Walter Frederick Viles (16 May 1902 - 19 April 1912)

    4. John Keith Viles (24 April 1905 - 23 May 1990).  Married Elsie Green (10 November 1906 - 21 August 1989).  They are both buried at the Feilding Cemetery, where Anette's ashes are also interred.  
     4.1 Trevlyn Keith Viles
     4.2 Anette Elsie Viles (3 August 1945 - 12 August 1990).  Married Ralph Faulkner - two children.  

    5. Rita Evelyn Viles (1908) 

    See more information about the Viles family tree here.

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    James and Christina Bertram nee Waters

    Christina Thomson Yates Waters was christened on 26 January 1840 in Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland to John and Marion Waters (recorded at that time as 'Watters', which may account for problems I sometimes have in finding the correct people...).  

    Christina came to New Zealand on 22 January 1841 on the ship Slains Castle with her father John, mother Marion, elder brother John, and possibly her elder sister Jessie.  She would have been aged around a year old when they arrived at Pipitea Point in Wellington.

    Christina's father John died some time around 1842/43, so she must have had little memory of him.  In 1844 her mother, Marion, married Nathaniel Sutherland.  She would have been no more than four years old at the time.  Nathaniel must have been a positive influence in her life, and was really the only father she ever knew.  Years later, she named her youngest son in honour of her step-father.  

    Looking at the Waters siblings, there seemed to be familial affection reflected in the name choices of their children.

    Christina grew up in Wellington amidst a large family.  Sadly, many of her siblings died as children in the winter of 1861, due to diptheria.  

    At some point, Christina met a young man called James Munro Bertram

    James Munro Bertram was born on 10 May 1841 and christened on 3 June 1841 at Stobo, Peebles, Scotland.  He was the son of James and Mary Bertram nee Munro.  I'm unsure, as yet, when he arrived in New Zealand and whether or not he came with family members.

    In 1862 James married Christina Waters.  Around 1865 they moved to the Wanganui area, latterly living in Halcombe, Rangitikei.   The move to the Central North Island region makes sense, as eventually both Christina's younger half-brothers, Nathaniel and Archibald Sutherland, settled in the Fordell area, in rural Wanganui.  James started working as an assistant in the drapery department in the Wanganui store belonging to Messrs Taylor and Watts.  For a period of time they also lived in Waipawa, as this is where their youngest daughter was born in 1876. 

    Over the following fourteen years James and Christina had a family of seven - four sons and three daughters:

    1. Marion Mary Bertram was born in 1863.  Marion (named after her maternal grandmother) must have grown up around the Feilding/Halcombe area.  On 27 October 1886 she married a local, Isaac Marshall, in Wanganui.  They had four children:

    Claude Bertram (known as Bertram) 23 August 1887 - 1959
    Marion Bessie 1889
    Robert Marshall 1891
    Christina Annie Marshall 1893

    Sadly, Marion died at the age of 30 on 9 August 1893.  She is buried at the Feilding Cemetery. Isaac later remarried Sarah Brown McDougall in September 1896.

    2. Christina Elizabeth Jessie Bertram was born on 11 April 1864 at Willis Street in Wellington.  In 1889 she married local Ernest Carr and gave birth to five children. Christina died in 1943.

    3. James Munro Bertram was born on 7 December 1868 at Willis Street, Wellington.  On 20 April 1900 he married Emily Blanche Whitlock, of the Wanganui Whitlock family.  James and Emily had four children.  James died in 1934.

    4. Ivo Edgar Bertram was born on 29 July 1871.  He became a Presbyterian Minister and worked in parishes Taranaki and in Auckland.  In 1906, Ivo married Evelyn Susan Bruce and they had  two sons, including Rhodes Scholar, James Munro Bertram.  Rev. Bertram died in 1940.

    5. John William Alexander Bertram was born in 1875.  In 1899 he married Johanna Matilda Stenberg.  They had three children.  John died in 1919.

    6. Kate Eveline Bertram was the youngest of James and Christina's daughters and was born on 11 October 1876 in Waipawa, Southern Hawkes Bay.  She never married and appears to have moved with her mother to Devonport towards the end of her mother's life.  Kate died in 1947.

    7. Nathaniel Simon Herbert Bertram was the youngest of the Bertram children and was known as Herbert.  His forenames probably relate to his mother's step-father, Nathaniel Sutherland, and possibly to his aunt's husband, Simon Tutchen.  Herbert was born in 1877 and became a doctor in Rotorua.  In 1912 he married nurse Madeline Marie Evans of New Plymouth.  Herbert and Madeline had five children.  Herbert died in 1953. 

    After working in Wanganui for some time, James started a business in the flax industry near Foxton, with Hugh Owen of Wellington, however this business venture was not successful and James and Owen parted business company in August 1873.  An advertisement to this effect was published in the Wellington Independent newspaper on 23 August 1873:

    Notice is hereby given that the partnership hitherto existing between JAMES MUNRO BERTRAM and HUGH OWEN trading as flax manufacturers at Motua, has this day been dissolved by mutual consent. 
    Dated at Wellington this 6th day of August 1873

    Interestingly, the advertisement records that the agreement of dissolution was witnessed by "W.A. Waters, Law Clerk, Wellington."  I'm unsure who this could be - obviously Waters was Christina's maiden name, but the only brother I am aware of was John Waters...

    Although the partnership was dissolved, apparently James was very enthusiastic when it came to all matters pertaining to the preparation of flax.  He worked on patents for the manufacture of flax and at the time of his death it was speculated that his patents were likely to "successfully solve the problem of how to work the fibre to the best advantage, and at a minimum of cost."  See here for proof that on 23 February 1881 James had applied for a patent for his machine.

    James did not have a lot of luck.  On 6 June 1882 one of the flax machines James had designed was fitted up by a Mr D. Murray of the Wanganui Foundry, under James' supervision, and was undergoing its trial experiment at Mr W.H. Lash's sawmill.  Unfortunately, in the early hours of that morning a fire burned swept through the mill and burned it to the ground.

    James had been a manager for Mr Lash for some time, until he went out to start his own mill, but again was unsuccessful.  He then turned back to his true love, the flax industry and experimenting with flax machinery.  As a result of this, James often travelled to Wellington, to the Patents Office, trying to arrange a patent for his flax machine.  

    On 2 May 1883, James was travelling from Wellington back to Wanganui.  The SS Huia left Wellington about 3.00pm, and at that time it was noticed that James had the "appearance of a man who had been drinking." James then had a whiskey on board the steamer before leaving Wellington and was put to bed at about 4.00pm, not even getting up for his tea.  James got up around 8.00pm, had another whiskey and then seemed "the worse for liquor."  He was then refused another drink in the cabin by the second steward.  Presumably wanting to remedy this, at about 8.40pm, James went onto the deck to speak with the chief steward.  Whilst there, he leaned heavily against the railing as the steamer "lurched to port" plummeting James overboard.  He somersaulted over the railing, but managed to hold on with one hand for a minute, before losing his grip and disappearing into the sea.   

    The ship was just off Mana Island, travelling at 10 knots an hour and the sea was rough.  A life buoy was thrown in and half an hour was spent searching for James, however, neither sight nor sound of him was found.  

    No doubt, the recent business difficulties James had endured and his frustration at trying to perfect his flax machine and arrange a patent, led to his drinking that night on the Huia.  Years later, when another man succeeded in obtaining a flax machine patent, the local papers remembered James and commented on the fact that he had pioneered flax machinery invention.  The following letter appeared in the Feilding Star in the 26 March 1889 edition:


    Sir, — My attention has been drawn to a new flax dresser which has been patented by Messrs T. H. Davidson and G. W. Gough, of Dunedin, and styled the "Premier." This is claimed by that firm as an original invention, its chief characteristic being the fact that it is the first double drum action machine which has been brought before the public. 
    Allow me to inform you the late Mr James Bertram, of Halcombe, invented and took out letters patent for a double drum flax dresser some six years ago, and one of these machines can be seen working at Mr David Murray's Foundry, Wanganui — I am, &c,
    Lambert Clapham
    Feilding, March 25, 1889.

    The local paper, the Feilding Star, expressed much sympathy for Christina and her young family (Herbert would have only been six year old at the time of his father's death).  It also expressed indignation about the way the crew of the Huia had highlighted James' inebriated state and implied that the accident was his own doing.  The Star suggested that a buoy thrown in was not much good, at the rate the Huia was travelling, and that a lighted buoy may have yielded a better result search wise. 

    As it was, Christina was left a widow at the age of 43.  Later, she appears to have moved with daughter Kate to Devonport, where her son, Rev. Ivo Bertram seems to have stayed for some time.  Her death was reported in the Feilding Star on 10 July 1908 where she was referred to as one of the earliest settlers of Halcombe.  The Star kindly reported:

    Mrs Bertram was highly esteemed by all who had the privilege of her acquaintance, and was for many years an active helper in temperance and church work.  She was a good wife and a loving mother.  She leaves a grown-up family of six to mourn their loss, including Mrs Ernest Carr of Waituna; Miss Kate Bertram, of Devonport; Dr H. Bertram of Rotorua Sanatorium; the Rev. Ivo Bertram, Presbyterian minister, Devonport; Mr James Bertram, farmer, Waikato; and Mr W. Bertram, Otago. There are fifteen grandchildren.

    Sunday, May 15, 2011

    Hislop family origins

    In 1825 Robert Hislop was born in Gortonloanhead, and his birth was registered in Lasswade.  His parents were John and Janet Hislop nee Johnston.  Robert's father, John, was a labourer.  Robert was my Gr-Gr-Gr Grandfather.

    In 1826 Jane Dalgleish was born in Lasswade, Midlothian and this is also where the birth was registered.  Her parents were Robert and Jean/Jane Dalgleish nee Hastings.  Jane's father, Robert, was a labourer. Jane was my Gr-Gr-Gr Grandmother.  

    Robert Hislop married Jane Dalgleish on 12 June 1855 at Bonnyrigg, Cockpen, Scotland. At the time they usually resided in Hawthornden.  They were married in the Cockpen Parish of the Church of Scotland before two witnesses - Darvid Urquhart (Merchant) of Dalkeith, and William Johnston (Plumber) also of Dalkeith.

    They had six children, at least four of whom eventually emigrated to New Zealand: 

    1. Robert Hislop was born in November 1855, Scotland. 

    2. John Hislop was born on 19 January 1857, Cockpen, Midlothian, Scotland

    3. Joseph Hislop was born on 22 October 1858, Cockpen, Midlothian, Scotland - 11 January 1914 - resided at 24 Salisbury Road, Gisborne at the time of death.

    4. Jane Hislop 26 March 1860 

    5. Janet Hislop 2 November 1861 - 1922 married David Latto and then Charles Herbert Beckett.  Janet was my great great grandmother.  

    6. Euphemia Hislop 26 December 1862. 

    Robert, Joseph and Jane emigrated to New Zealand in 1877 on the ship Rakaia, aged 21, 18 and 17 respectively, and the two boys were listed as paper makers from Midlothian.  The Rakaia left Clyde on 7 September 1877 and arrived in Canterbury on 10 December 1877.

    Janet arrived later, on the Northern Monarch as a nominated immigrant.  She had been working as a servant in Edinburghshire, and left from Plymouth on 31 October 1878.  Janet is listed as being 17 at the time she boarded the ship, but in fact, she was 16, two days short of being 17.  Janet was nominated by her older brother Robert Hislop of Peterboro Street, Christchurch.  She arrived in Lyttleton on 1 February 1879.

    Joseph Hislop married Elizabeth Johnston in 1885 (reg no. 1885/629) and had:

    1. Alexander Robert Hislop in 1885 - 1971  
    2. Jane Dalgleish Hislop in 1887 - 1967
    3. Joseph Hislop in 1888 - 1964
    4. James Malcolm Hislop 21 June 1890 Christchurch - 15 July 1979 Auckland 

    Robert Hislop married Abel Maria Spanjer 1884.  She was born on 20 September 1863.  On 9 August 1884, in Christchurch, she married Robert Hislop.  They had no children.  He then apparently split from her and remarried in Victoria, Australia in 1900.

    Jane Hislop married Alexander Kennedy 1884 and had the following children:

    1. Duncan Kennedy 1885
    2. Jane Kennedy 1887
    3. Mary Elizabeth Kennedy 1888 - 1977 
    4. Robert Kennedy 1889
    5. Margaret Kennedy 1892
    6. Ronald Kennedy 1894 
    7. Alexander B Kennedy 1896 -  18 November 1920.  
    I'd welcome any comments, confirmation of the above details in relation to Jane, Joseph and Robert Hislop! :)

    Thanks to Bernadette for her help with getting this lot straight!