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Glubb family

Ellen Agatha Gill was a sister of Tom Gill, who married my grandfather's Aunty Addie Latto.  They are no relation to us except through marriage, however Ellen Gill married a Mr Glubb - and Glubb is such an unusual name, that I couldn't help but look into them further.  So for anyone who is a Glubb descendant, I've recorded some information I've found on them (happy to stand corrected on anything).

Ellen Agatha Gill was born in 1881 to Thomas and Elizabeth Gill.  In 1904, she married Richard Henry "Harry" Glubb.  

Richard Henry "Harry" Glubb was born around 1879 to Richard (1849 - 5 June 1902) and Eliza Elizabeth Glubb (1853 - 18 June 1918).  The Glubbs came to New Zealand on the ship Christian McAusland, from London, on 6 August 1872.  They were assisted immigrants.  Richard died on 5 June 1902 at the age of 53.  He had been a labourer at the time of his death and had resided at 56 Peterborough Street, Christchurch prior to his death.  He is buried at Sydenham cemetery.    Sixteen years later, in 1918, Eliza died.  At the time of her death, Eliza was a resident at the Jubilee Home, in Christchurch.  Eliza is buried at Linwood Cemetery in Christchurch.  

Presumably Harry and Ellen met around Christchurch, and then moved north to Palmerston North.  Newspaper reports show Harry to be something of an entertainer; taking part in amateur theatrics in Palmerston North in 1905 and then again in Wanganui in 1909.  Ellen also partook, prior to the birth of her children.

The family later moved on the Ellesmere district, and were living there from the 1920s.  No doubt they would have known of Grandad's father and family as well as Monica and the McEvedys - indeed Ellen and Monica were both part of the Ellesmere Basketball Sub-association together in 1944!  Newspaper reports show that the children of the family carried on their parents' interest in music and theatre - an article in the Ellesmere Guardian in 1926 recording Ross and Des singing and dancing under their father's direction as part of a Merrymakers Party entertainment troup at the local Lodge. 

Harry and Ellen had a number of  children:
    1. Roscius Henry "Ross" Glubb 1905 - 1964.  On 23 July 1906, it was reported in the Wanganui Chronicle, where the family must have been living (at 5 Bell Street), that Harry had brought Roscius to the Chronicle, with the manager of the Baby Show competition - as Roscius had won ten pounds as the winner of the competition!  True to the family's love of theatre - Ross got his name from the Roscius Dramatic Company, of which both parents were members at the time of his birth in 1905! Married Gwendoline Florence Ryde and had three children, Adrienne, Richard and Susan.  Gwendoline was born on 6 July 1906 and was the daughter of Percy and Bella Ryde, nee Chapman - see this site for a lot more information on the Ryde family.  Gwen died on 8 June 1993.  Ross and Gwen are buried in the Waimairi cemetery, Christchurch. 
    2. Eileen Elizabeth Glubb 25 May 1906, Wanganui.  Eileen married Roy Lane (4 August 1910 - 22 May 1990).  Eileen was a teacher and Roy was a watchmaker.  Eileen died on 3 September 2001 and is buried at Avonhead cemetery in Christchurch with Roy.  
    3. Thomas Desmond "Desmond" Glubb 16 February 1908 - 1994 
    4. Maurice James Glubb 19 December 1909 - 1994 
    5. Kathleen Glubb 
    6. Eleanor "Adrienne" Glubb
    7. Richard George Glubb 25 February 1915 - 2008 
    8. Arthur Basil Glubb 31 January 1917 - 5 August 1990 - Arthur's occupation at the date of his death was that of painter/decorator.  Arthur was buried at the Avonhead Cemetery, Christchurch.
    9. Lawrence Anthony Glubb 27 July 1921 - 2010
    10. Bernard Vincent Glubb 13 September 1923 - 5 May 2005 - Bernard was retired at the time of his death (he was aged 81).  He is also buried in the Avonhead Cemetery, Christchurch.  Probably married Doreen Mary Glubb 29 March 1922 - 20 June 2006.  Doreen was 84 and described as a 'homemaker' at the time of her death.  She is also buried in the Avonhead Cemetery, Christchurch, in the same plot as Bernard.
    11. Yvonne Glubb ????
Harry died on 15 February 1961.  At the time of Harry's death in 1961, they were living at 25 Mandeville Street, Christchurch.  The family were Catholic.  
    Ellen died eight years later on 7 August 1969.  Both Ellen and Harry are buried at Waimairi Cemetery in Christchurch.  

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    1. Hi. I am a Glubb descendent. Came across your blog today when looking for the death notice of one of my older cousins, Richard Glubb.
      I hear from my sister that there is a Glubb Facebook page. You may want to alert them to your blog on that. I am not on Facebook.
      My mother was the ninth of the 12 children - Eleanor Ruth Glubb Born 14.12.1918 Died 16.5.1992
      She married Cecil Robert Buckley. They lived predominantly in Christchurch and had 8 children.