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Hislop family origins

In 1825 Robert Hislop was born in Gortonloanhead, and his birth was registered in Lasswade.  His parents were John and Janet Hislop nee Johnston.  Robert's father, John, was a labourer.  Robert was my Gr-Gr-Gr Grandfather.

In 1826 Jane Dalgleish was born in Lasswade, Midlothian and this is also where the birth was registered.  Her parents were Robert and Jean/Jane Dalgleish nee Hastings.  Jane's father, Robert, was a labourer. Jane was my Gr-Gr-Gr Grandmother.  

Robert Hislop married Jane Dalgleish on 12 June 1855 at Bonnyrigg, Cockpen, Scotland. At the time they usually resided in Hawthornden.  They were married in the Cockpen Parish of the Church of Scotland before two witnesses - Darvid Urquhart (Merchant) of Dalkeith, and William Johnston (Plumber) also of Dalkeith.

They had six children, at least four of whom eventually emigrated to New Zealand: 

1. Robert Hislop was born in November 1855, Scotland. 

2. John Hislop was born on 19 January 1857, Cockpen, Midlothian, Scotland

3. Joseph Hislop was born on 22 October 1858, Cockpen, Midlothian, Scotland - 11 January 1914 - resided at 24 Salisbury Road, Gisborne at the time of death.

4. Jane Hislop 26 March 1860 

5. Janet Hislop 2 November 1861 - 1922 married David Latto and then Charles Herbert Beckett.  Janet was my great great grandmother.  

6. Euphemia Hislop 26 December 1862. 

Robert, Joseph and Jane emigrated to New Zealand in 1877 on the ship Rakaia, aged 21, 18 and 17 respectively, and the two boys were listed as paper makers from Midlothian.  The Rakaia left Clyde on 7 September 1877 and arrived in Canterbury on 10 December 1877.

Janet arrived later, on the Northern Monarch as a nominated immigrant.  She had been working as a servant in Edinburghshire, and left from Plymouth on 31 October 1878.  Janet is listed as being 17 at the time she boarded the ship, but in fact, she was 16, two days short of being 17.  Janet was nominated by her older brother Robert Hislop of Peterboro Street, Christchurch.  She arrived in Lyttleton on 1 February 1879.

Joseph Hislop married Elizabeth Johnston in 1885 (reg no. 1885/629) and had:

1. Alexander Robert Hislop in 1885 - 1971  
2. Jane Dalgleish Hislop in 1887 - 1967
3. Joseph Hislop in 1888 - 1964
4. James Malcolm Hislop 21 June 1890 Christchurch - 15 July 1979 Auckland 

Robert Hislop married Abel Maria Spanjer 1884.  She was born on 20 September 1863.  On 9 August 1884, in Christchurch, she married Robert Hislop.  They had no children.  He then apparently split from her and remarried in Victoria, Australia in 1900.

Jane Hislop married Alexander Kennedy 1884 and had the following children:

1. Duncan Kennedy 1885
2. Jane Kennedy 1887
3. Mary Elizabeth Kennedy 1888 - 1977 
4. Robert Kennedy 1889
5. Margaret Kennedy 1892
6. Ronald Kennedy 1894 
7. Alexander B Kennedy 1896 -  18 November 1920.  
I'd welcome any comments, confirmation of the above details in relation to Jane, Joseph and Robert Hislop! :)

Thanks to Bernadette for her help with getting this lot straight! 

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  1. Euphemia also came to New Zealand. She married John Culley in 1882 and had eight children. Her husband and two daughters were drowned in a boating accident in the Bay of Islands in 1905. A son, John Robert Culley, married my great-aunt, Laura Hawkins. Euphemia died in Auckland on June 14 1929.