Sunday, May 15, 2011

Booth family

Annie Mulholland Todd (2 September 1891 - 2 September 1977) was the youngest daughter of Robert and Jane Todd and the youngest sister of my great grandfather.  Annie married Clifford Daniel Booth (14 February 1891 - 1 November 1972) at St Leonard's, Dunedin in 1915.  Clifford worked as a carpenter, and the couple lived out their years in Dunedin. and together they had four children:

1. Jean Isabel Booth (19 September 1916 - December 2005.  Jean married John Robert Coutts (1912 - 5 January 1947).  I'm unsure of the exact date, but it was certainly prior to 1946.    John worked as a labourer, and the couple lived in Dunedin.  Following John's death in 1947 Jean remarried to Walter Gordon Fenton (3 May 1916 - 1992).  Walter had previously been married to Evelyn Dorothy Grace Fenton.  After their marriage, Jean lived with Walter in Tauranga, where he farmed and later worked as a custodianFrom her marriages, Jean had five children.

2. Alan Clifford Booth (8 August 1918, Dunedin - 25 February 1979).  Like his father, Alan also worked as a carpenter in Dunedin.  Alan married Margaret Carse McAnsh and had three children.   

3. Leslie Arthur Booth married Agnes Jarvie Wilson Robb (3 May 1923 - 2006) and had four children.  Leslie worked as a barman and he and Agnes lived in Dunedin until moving to Manurewa, Auckland where Leslie worked as a foreman and later, a steward.

4. Neville Todd Booth (5 July 1930 - 26 February 1987).  He never married.  Neville lived in Dunedin and worked as a labourer and a gardener.

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