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How did Beattie Street, Feilding get its name?

James Beattie (1936 - 1890) was a Postmaster in Feilding and the Registrar responsible for registering Births Deaths and Marriages.  He lived at his residence "The Willows" in Feilding and died there on 26 September 1890 at the age of 54 years. 
Elizabeth "Eliza" Charlotte Anderson was born around 1839 and married James Beattie around 1860.  She travelled to New Zealand from England with him and they settled in Feilding.  Eliza died on 13 July 1918 in Norsewood and is buried with her husband James in the Feilding Cemetery.  Between them, the Beatties had eight children:

1. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Margaret Beattie (1865 - 1939) married George Revington-Jones (1857 - 1937), second son of Rev. Thomas A. Jones (late Rector of Killyman, Moy, Ireland) on Thursday, 13 September 1888.  They were married at St John's Anglican Church by Rev. Arthur Hermon.  Together they had the following children:
   Eileen Margaret Revington-Jones (1889) 
   Outram Thomas Revington-Jones (1891 - 1958) married Ruth Huleatt Revington-Jones (1894 - 1971).  I believe that Outram and Ruth had at least two daughters, Elizabeth Revington-Jones (11 March 1920 - 1999) and Patricia Joan Revington- Jones (17 March 1921 - 2001) 
   Sydney Revington-Jones (25 March 1893 - 29 July 1916).  For some excellent information about this fellow from a host of people see here.

2. Frances "Frankie" Kate Beattie 1868 - 1926 married Robert Brooke Harris Oldershaw (1859 - 1928) on 10 December 1890 at St John's Anglican Church, Feilding.  Robert was the son of Rober Piggott Oldershaw of London.  They were married by Rev. A.S Innes-Jones.  They usually lived at Windarru, Beaconsfield.  Their daughter, Doris May Oldershaw was born on 1 May 1892 at "The Willows" Feilding - residence of her mother, Mrs Beattie.  Doris never married and died in 1976.  Their second daughter Marjorie Beattie Oldershaw was born in 1894 and died in 1968 aged 73.  In 1921, Marjorie married James David Dunn.  

3. Helena Agnes Beattie 1869 - 1927 married Frederick Eugene Pickering, who was the second son of Eugene Haynes Pickering, late of Caston, Norfold and Mamhead near Exeter, Devon on 13 December 1892 at St John's Anglican Church, Feilding.  The pair were married by Rev. A Hermon.  Their first child Nina Pickering was born in 1894, however she died at the age of just two years in March 1896.  Their second daughter, Dinah Pickering, in 1899 and their third child, Joan, was born on 15 August 1902 at her parents' residence, "Thistledean".  Joan Pickering grew up to marry Thomas Firth in 1925 and died in 1965.

4. Ada Augusta "Totsie" Beattie 1873 - 1955 married Frank Nossiter (1872 - 1955) on 22 November 1900 at St John's Anglican Church in Feilding.  The pair were married by the Rev. Innes-Jones.  Totsie and Frank had the following children:  
   Philip James Nossiter (15 September 1902 - 1979) married Phyllis Eva Cross (1906 - 1971) in 1929
   Nancy Mabel Nossiter (1904 - 1904).  This infant died aged just two months.
   Gordon Noel Nossiter (1906 - 1964) married Florence Ward (11 November 1911 - 2000) in 1931
   Patricia Nossiter (1907 - )
   Seton Frank Nossiter (1909 - 

5. Bertram Anderson Beattie (1876 - 1951) married Eva Gertrude Pickering in 1897 and had the following children:
    Bertram Oscar Beattie in Hamilton, Waikato (where the family were living) on 15 August 1898.  Sadly Oscar died during WWI, as the result of an accident, at the age of 20 on 2 October 1918.
    James Neville Beattie (28 September 1901 - 1982) 
    Lorna Beryl Beattie (8 May 1902 - 1986) married Alexander Galloway Hendry (1895 - 1949) in 1923
    Eva Mavis Beattie (1907)  An interesting issue is that on Eva Mavis Beattie's birth registration, although she is registered as a Beattie, her father is registered not as Bertram Anderson but as Ronald Alwyn!  It seems that Ronald was her father, as she used the name Eva Mavis Richter on her marriage to Charles Bonnington (1 January 1902 - 1976) in 1927. 
On 11 September 1909 Bertram divorced his wife Eva in Napier, naming a gentlemen by the name of Ronald Alwyn Richter (1887 - 1968) as co-respondent in the proceedings (presumably baby Eva's father).  The divorce was undefended.  A year later, in 1910, Eva married Ronald Richter and they went on to have at least the following child:
    John Ronald Fergus Richter (17 December 1912 - 1996)
Unfortunately, Eva's marriage to Ronald didn't last either and she married for the third time in 1923 to Donald Morrison.

Similarly, in 1912, Bertram remarried, to Gertrude Priscilla Callaway.  They had at least one daughter:
   Tui Aileen Beattie (29 November 1912 - 2005).  Tui married a Mr Marshall. 

6. Mabel Mary Beattie (1878 -12 March 1947) (buried at the Feilding Cemetery).  Mabel appears to be the one Beattie daughter who did not marry.

7. Dudley Halcombe Beattie 1880 - 1963 married Mabel Sullivan in 1914.  In 1916 they had a daughter who died at the age of just 15 days on 6 December 1916, at her parents' home in Denbigh Street.  They sadly also had a stillborn baby in 1919.  

8. Douglas Sherwill Beattie (1882 - 1 April 1929) (buried at the Feilding Cemetery) married Aileen Jane Banks (1888 - 19 September 1939) in April 1908.  Apparently the couple lived in Apiti.  They had at least two children - Monica Lucy Beattie (30 April 1910 -23 June 1985) who married Geoffrey Ernest Lintott (1 June 1903 - 9 July 1978) in 1932 and Douglas Bruce Beattie (6 August 1911 - 2006).  

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