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Thomas and Elizabeth Gill and Family

Children of Thomas Gill (1852 - 15 June 1925) and Elizabeth Jane Gill nee Price  (1863 - 5 November1947) and their families are listed below.

Thomas and Elizabeth's second son, Tom Gill, was married to Adelaide Latto, Grandad's aunty.

Thomas and Elizabeth are buried at the Sydenham Cemetery, Christchurch, together.  When both died they were still living at 34 Jerrold Street, Christchurch according to burial records.  Also according to burial records, Thomas Gill was born in India.

Mrs Elizabeth Gill 1910 at Tom Gill's wedding to Adelaide Latto

James Costelow (Costello) GILL 1878 - 26 February 1943 married in 1914 Juliette Louise Mary Schneiter (1881 - 11 August 1967) Juliette was born in Switzerland and her brother Johan (later known as John Schneiter - naturalised in 1903 while living in Hawera, Taranaki) died in 1952 aged 75 years.  Juliette appears to have come out to NZ around 1907 and was possibly sponsored by her brother.  It's possible that Juliette was a name Jim's sister in law Addie liked - hence their daughter Adelaide's middle name.  Jim Gill was born in Southbridge and at the time of his death in 1943 lived at 25 Hoon Hay Road, Christchurch.  He was a carrier. He was buried in the Sydenham Cemetery, where Juliette later joined him.

Jim Gill was the one Grandad was fairly certain had known his mother and possibly been engaged to her before she moved up to Wellington.  Certainly, they seemed to move in the same circles as the Gill family.

Thomas Patrick GILL 27 December 1879 - June 1969 married 1 February 1910 Adelaide Hannah Latto (see other blog post for details)

Ellen Agatha GILL 1881 - 7 August 1969 married 1904 Richard Henry "Harry" GLUBB (1879 - 15 February 1961) Both Ellen and Harry are buried at Waimairi Cemetery in Christchurch.  See separate blog post for the Glubb family

William GILL 1883 married Jean Baxter

Fitzgerald John "Gerald" GILL - Brother Tarcisius 1888 - 1957 

Arthur William GILL 1890 - 16 May 1936 married 1919 Frances Lillian "Elsie" Dennis (born 1885 to Samuel Lawrence Dennis and Ada Dennis).  Arthur was in Wellington boarding in a private hotel for a time with Tom, but then he moved down to Dunedin where he had a tailoring business.  Arthur died aged 48 and was buried in the Bromley Cemetery in Christchurch.  At the time of his death he is recorded as having been a carter and as having lived in Lyttleton.  Frances never remarried and died in 1971. Below is a photograph of Arthur, as best man at his brother Tom's wedding to Adelaide Latto in 1910.
George Albert GILL 1892 - 17 September 1926 married 1914 Catherine Poppelwell (born 1893 to Ellen and George Poppelwell - died 26 September 1928).  George died at the age of 34 and was listed as a Station Master at the time.  He was resident at 34 Jerrold Street, Christchurch at the time of his death (I understand that this was the family home of Thomas and Elizabeth Gill).  Catherine died two years after him in 1928.  George and Catherine are both buried at the Sydenham Cemetery in plot 19B.
  1. Joan Gill
  2. Edna Gill 
  3. Patrick Gill
Maurice GILL 1895 - 11 November 1934   Maurice was born in Oxford, NZ and when he died at the age of 39, he was listed as a Workshop Worker of 34 Jerrold Street, Christchurch. He is buried in plot 20B of the Sydenham Cemetery.

Elizabeth Mary GILL (Sister Thomas) 1897 - 17 March 1970.  Elizabeth was a nun.  She died in Christchurch having been born 72 years earlier in Oxford, NZ. She is buried at Memorial Park, Christchurch. 


  1. Hi Minnie,
    just found your blog - interesting stuff about the Gills. Are the family catholics ? Some of my family were thought to be in the Leeston District around this time. Have been wondering why GGrandfather was there - he ended up farming in Masterton - but was said to have family in the Leeston/Ellesmere area.

  2. Hi there! Yes, the Gill family were Catholic. Two of Thomas and Elizabeth's children entered the clergy - Gerald and Elizabeth. What was your GGrandfather's name?

  3. I don't suppose you know the name of the boat Richard and Eliza Glubb sailed on to reach New Zealand in 1871? I am the grandson of Ellen and Harry Glubb's son (Richard) George Glubb - number 7 in your list above. Many thanks, Ben Revell

    1. Ben,

      Dylan G discovered the passenger list of the Christian McAusland on which your GGG Richard & Eliza arrived in December 1872



  4. Don't know, I'm afraid, but am certainly happy to try to find out! Will have a good look this weekend. Thanks for your comment! :)

  5. Hi Ben, I've found them. Richard and Eliza Glubb arrived in New Zealand on the ship Christian Mcausland. They were assisted immigrants, and had left London in September 1872, arriving in Dunedin on 5 December 1872. I hope that helps! :)

  6. Have moved the Glubb information to it's own blog post. :)