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Smith Family - including Ellen "Nellie" Todd nee Smith

My Great Great Grandfather, Joseph Smith was born some time around 1863 in New South Wales, Australia.  

Margaret McMahon was born around 1867.  She was the daughter of Michael and Ellen McMahon (nee Tobin) and was born in Waimea, New Zealand.  

Margaret McMahon and Joseph Smith married in 1887.

Margaret died on 2 January 1930 aged 63 in Wellington.  Immediately prior to her death, Margaret lived in 7 Humber Street, Island Bay.  Margaret had had heart problems for around three years prior to her death and had 'congestion of the lungs' in the week before her death.  Margaret's funeral took place on 4 January 1930 and was conducted by Rev. Fr. Foster. 

Joseph died on 13 July 1935 aged 72.  Both Margaret and Joseph are buried together in the Roman Catholic section of the Karori Cemetery.  Joseph is listed on burial records as being an engine driver. 

Ellen "Nellie" SMITH born on 25 March 1889.  She married Robert Todd in 1913 and died on 29 December 1975.

William Patrick SMITH born 28 September 1890 married 1915 to Gwendoline Mary Grenfell) died in 1954, I think, and is possibly buried in Karori. 

Janet SMITH born in 1892. (22 September 1894???).  

Possibly married George Frederick Hodgson in 1916 and possibly Janet Mary Hodgson died in 1966 aged 73 years.  

This is all guesswork at this stage however, and I have no idea what happened to Janet.  

Joseph Gregory SMITH born in 1896.

Michael John SMITH born in 1897.  He appears to have died before Thora was born (according to what she told her daughter) and was definitely no longer alive in 1930 when his mother died.  

Constance Marie "Connie" SMITH born 3 June 1908 married Charles John "Jack" Taunt (30 June 1909 - 15 August 1984) and died in 1995.  

Thora Margaret Mary SMITH born 31 December 1911 married William Thomas Patrick Heffernan (20 May 1904 - 4 October 1963) in 1932 and died on 6 September 1974.  

At the time of her death, Margaret's living children are listed, by gender and age, as follows:

Female aged 40 - this is Nellie
Male aged 39 - this must be William
Female aged 35 - I presume this is Janet
Male aged 33 - this must be Joe
Female aged 21 - this would be Connie
Female aged 19 - this would be Thora

Given that her husband, Joseph, was still alive and able to confirm the children they had had, I have to believe that the information on the death certificate is correct.  

I am currently, as of March 2017, trying to work out mostly what happened to Janet, William and Michael.  

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  1. Hi, I'm a distant (very) relative via Louisa Person who married James Heffernan. Louisa's mother was my great great grandmother's (Marguerita) sister. I have uncovered the following infor which may be of help to you regarding Thora. See this web site.


    Plot : ROMAN CATHOLIC LAWN B Row 4, Plot 25

    Interment Type: Burial

    Title: MR

    Surname : HEFFERNAN


    Age : 59

    Gender : Male

    Occupation: SOLICITOR

    Date Of Death : 04-Oct-1963

    Date Of Cremation : N/A

    Date Of Burial : 07-Oct-1963

    Funeral Director : DAVIS FUNERAL SERVICES

    Head Stone Details : PLAQUE: WILLIAM THOMAS PATRICK HEFFERNAN died 4 Oct 1963 aged 59 years. Also his wife THORA MARGARET MARY BRIDGER died 6 Sept 1974 aged 62 years. R.I.P.

    How does "Bridger" fit into this family?

    John Hansen