Sunday, May 15, 2011

Brown family

Mary Todd was the third daughter of Robert and Jane Todd and was my great grandfather's younger sister.  Mary was born in 1881 and married James Paterson Brown in 1901. 

Mary and James Brown had eight children: 

1. Thomas Paterson Brown 1902 - 1964.  Thomas married Christina Martha "Ina" Fraser (1905 - 1970) in 1931 and had three children - Donald Brown, Marjorie (Mrs Brian McDonald) and Helen (Mrs Patrick O'Kane)

2. Walton Robert Brown 17 July 1903 - 1985.  Walton married Jessie Cromb and had four children: James, Walton, Elizabeth (Mrs Robert Culbert) and Kathryn (Mrs Stanley Eade).

3. Stewart James Brown 9 August 1904 - 1977 married Margaret Bell and had two children, Hugh and Christine (Mrs John Stevens).

4. Wallace Hunter Brown 16 November 1905 - 1977.  Wallace married Jessie Mabel Brown (23 June 1908 - 2004) in 1927 and had five children: Lance, Alan, Keith, Hamish and Nona (Mrs Roger Hill).

5. Olive Mary Watson Brown 8 March 1907 - 1989.  Olive was the only daughter of the family.  Olive married Alexander Reid.  They had a son, David, and two daughters Patricia (Mrs Gary Douglas) and Joan (Mrs Edward Duval).

6. George Todd Brown 15 April 1911 - 1980 married Marjorie Bagrie and had two children, Roger and Janet (Mrs Murray Crosbie).

7. Lewis John Brown 1914 - 1971 married Margaret McKinna and had a son, Stephen.

8. Alexandra William Brown 18 September 1916 - 2007.  He was presumably named for the South Island town and married Laura Gubb.  The had three children - Douglas, Raymond and Elizabeth.

Mary died quite young on 1 November 1927 at the age of merely 46.  James died seven years later in April 1934.

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