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Cecil Charles Transom 1841 - 1899

Alister's father's family are the Transoms who lived primarily in Taihape.  Because Alister's parents separated when he was very young, he has had limited contact with this side of his family.  Through various online sites, I've made contact with one of his relative's wives, who has already collected a good deal of information about the family.

Cecil Charles Transom was born on 2 Dec 1841 at Broseley, St Leonards, Shropshire.  He was christened on 2 January 1842 at Madeley, Shropshire.  He sailed for New Zealand 16 August 1863, when he would have been 22 years of age.  He arrived in the ship Green Jacket, from London into Auckland on 13 December 1863.  In New Zealand he married Isabella Ellen "Ellen" Adam at the Congregational Chapel, Manchester Street, Christchurch on 2 January 1865.  They were married by Rev. J.H. Habens.  In the marriage notice, Ellen was listed as being the eldest daughter of John Adam of Glasgow.  

I had thought that Ellen had sailed from the UK on 21 September 1863 and arrived in New Zealand on the ship Canterbury on 10 January 1864. That person is listed as "Isabella" Adam and was listed as being a "domestic servant."  At the time she departed the UK she was listed as being 18 years of age, meaning her birth date was somewhere around 1845.  She is listed as being from Lanarkshire.  However, I've also found an Ellen Adam who came to New Zealand with J. Adam from Melbourne on the ship Pirate on 28 March 1860.  

I've also found an Isabella Archer Adam who married William Davidson in 1865.  I theorised that this could have been a brief marriage prior to her marriage to Cecil Transom, but given that the marriage to Cecil took place in January of the same year, I think that is highly unlikely.  

Cecil and Ellen (also sometimes referenced as Eleanor or Isabella) had six children:

Eustace Transom born in 1865 (?)
Charles Transom born on 21 October 1866 in Wellington
Josiah Transom born in 1868 in Greytown
"Percy" Cecil Transom born on 14 November 1869 in Featherston
Elizabeth Rankin Transom born in 1871 in Greytown
Adam William Transom born in May 1873 in the Wairarapa.  Adam died as an infant in 1874

Cecil went to Australia during the gold rush, leaving his family behind in New Zealand. Isabella died on 25 May 1873, just a few months later.  As Adam William Transom, the  youngest child was born in May 1873, it's highly likely that she died as a result of childbirth or postnatal complications. At the time of her death, she was listed as being called "Nelly" Transom, and was recorded as being 24 years old at the time of her death.  This would indicate her birth date being around 1848.  

The children were fostered out to other families in the area around Taihape.

Cecil married again a couple of days before Christmas in 1873 to Margaret Semple, at Clarence River in northern New South Wales.

Less than seven months after the marriage his new wife had twins, Charles Cecil Transom and Fanny Transom.
Then, in 1878, James Leslie Transom was born at Grafton, which is a bit further up the Clarence River.

Around 1882, the family moved to Sydney, and a fourth child Effie May Transom was born at Balmain.

From that time they lived at several addresses around Sydney. Cecil also seemed to have been known as Charles Cecil in the various records. He died on the 16 March 1899 and the cause of death was gastro-enteritis.

On the death certificate his father’s name was James and mother’s maiden name was Holden, (no given name). His father’s occupation was given as master lighterman.

Cecil’s second wife Margaret died 16 years later in 1915.  Their son Charles died in 1918.  Their son James died in 1935.  Effie died around 1940.

Cecil and Margaret's eldest daughter, Fanny, married a dentist in Sydney in March 1899.  She and her husband, Andrew Edmonds Rous Martin had a son in 1900. After a couple of years there are no more records, and so it has been theorised that they most probably left the country as Fanny's husband was born in California, although his father was an English sea captain.  Fanny apparently died in 1921, and Andrew in 1941.

It doesn't seem that Charles, James or Effie had children and so it seems that the Transoms have died out in Australia.

I've managed to find some In Memoriam messages inserted by Cecil's wife and daughter in the Sydney Morning Herald on Friday 16 March 1900.

TRANSOM.—In loving memory of my dear husband,
Charles Transom, who departed this life March 16, 1899.Inserted by his affectionate wife.
He has gone to his rest, his troubles are o'er ;
He has done with sorrow and pain.  The ills of his life he patiently boreWill never distress him again.
TRANSOM.—In loving memory of our dear father,      Charles Transom, who departed this life March 16, 1899

TRANSOM.—In loving remembrance of our dear father,
At rest. Inserted by his affectionate children.  

Charles Transom, who died at his daughter's residence,Leichhardt, March 16, 1899, aged 56 years.
For many years our family chain
Was firmly linked together,
But, oh, that chain is broken now,
One link has gone for ever.  Inserted by F. and A. R. M.

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