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Jordan family of Marlborough

In starting my research into Alister's relative John Waters and his family in the Marlborough District, I've come across so many families that, although they are not related to us, I've tried to group them into families and include any interesting information I can find.  One family who has interested me is the Jordan family.

This appeared in the Marlborough Express on 23 December 1913:

There died in 88 Valley, Wakefield, on the 4th inst., at the age of 83 years, Mrs Harriet Jordan, widow of the late Mr M. Jordan, who predeceased her by 49 years. Since the death of her husband she had lived with her son, Mr William Jordan, of 88 Valley, and had always been regarded as a quiet but much respected settler.
The deceased brought up a family of one son and two daughters, who are still living. Mr and Mrs Jordan came to Nelson from Northamptonshire, England, in the ship Emmer Colvin, about 57 years ago. After staying a short time at Mr John Price's, Wakefield, they bought a small farm at 88 Valley. Some six years after taking this section Mr Jordan died.
The children are: Mr William Jordan(Waimea County ganger), Mrs A. Godbaz (Foxhill), and Mrs W. Faulding (Spring Greek, Blenheim). Mrs Jordan also leaves 21 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. 

Martin Jordan (1833 -1865) married Harriet Burton (1830 - 1 November 1913) on 17 February 1856 at Catesby Chapel, Catesby (in Northamptonshire).  

Martin and Harriet came to New Zealand, arriving in Nelson on 23 June 1856 on the ship Emma Colvin, which is what they named their first daughter.

1. Ellen Jordan married Andrew Godbaz (1858 - 1941) in 1880. Go here to see a photo of Andrew Godbaz.  In 1888 he kept a diary and more information about that is here.  Andrew worked as a blacksmith.  
 1.1 Ernest Godbaz (1880)
 1.2 Martin Henry Godbaz (1883).  Martin married Amy Jane ? 
   1.2.1 Dolly Mavis Godbaz (1911).  Dolly married Robert Beattie in 1930. 
   1.2.2 Daisy Ellen Godbaz (25 July 1912 - 1998).  Daisy married Mr Puklowski.
 1.3 Andrew William Godbaz (1885)  Married Isabella ?
   1.3.1 Beatrice Elma Belle Godbaz (1910).  Married Ladis Cowper Read in 1931.  
   1.3.2 Andrew Kennedy Godbaz (1912)
 1.4 George Burton Godbaz (1893).  George married Irene Wilkinson in 1916.
 1.5 Beatrice Ellen Godbaz (1895).  Beatrice married Walter Robert Watson in 1916.

Andrew Godbaz and Ellen Jordan in 1925

Ellen Jordan in 1877

Four Generations: Harriet Jordan, Ellen Godbaz nee Jordan,
Martin Godbaz and Martin's daughter, Dolly Godbaz in 1911 

2. Emma Colvin Jordan (1856 - 1942).  Married Walter Faulding (1856 - 1909).  Walter worked as a saddler and harness maker at Spring Creek.  He died suddenly and a report of his death was published in the Colonist on 2 November 1909:

Blenheim, Nov. 1.
While the Jubilee celebrations were in full swing at one o'clock to-day, a man about 55 years of age, named Walter Faulding, who had been a saddler locally for many years, dropped dead in one of the main streets. The cause of death was heart disease. Deceased leaves a family.

 2.1 Daughter Faulding
 2.2 Emma Colvin Faulding (1884 - 12 April 1901).  Emma died aged 17 years.  
 2.3 William Burton Faulding (7 April 1885 - 1965).   Bill married Ethel Maud Batt (18 January 1885 - 1972) in 1907.
 2.4 Bertha Faulding (1887)
 2.5 Harriet May Faulding (1888 - 30 June 1899).  Harriet died aged 11 years at Spring Creek.
 2.6 John Robert Faulding (1890 - 7 October 1955).  John married Jane Bradley (1888 - 24 May 1958) in 1916.
 2.7 Nellie Francis Faulding (15 July 1892 - 1974).  Nellie married Timothy Brosnahan in 1914.
 2.8 Frederick Faulding (1894 - 1969).   Fred married Kathleen Phoebe Berg (28 November 1899 - 1985) in 1921.
 2.9 Maude Rita Faulding (25 August 1897 -1987).  Maude married Leslie William Lockyer (1899 - 1958) in 1921.  
 2.10 Alan Burton Faulding (17 January 1901 - 1980).  Alan married Alice Myrtle Bognada (27 December 1904 - 1985) in 1926.

3. William Jordan.  After adding the photographs today, I wondered why I hadn't   listed any further information about William Jordan, the Jordan's son.  The following is, as yet, merely speculative, but I wonder if it might be the correct "William Jordan and his family".  I certainly stand (and would welcome, if appropriate) to be corrected.

William Jordan married Charlotte Halsey in 1883.  Together they had the following family:

3.1 Mary Ann Halsey Jordan (1885)
3.2 Alick William Jordan (1889)
3.3 Walter Martin Jordan (1898). Walter served in World War One. 
3.4 Jonah Newton Jordan (1900)
3.5 Emma Agnes Jordan (1905)

I also believe they had a couple more children.  I'll endeavour to flesh this out a bit more as time goes on...


Another Jordan was also on board the Emma Colvin and I theorise that he was actually Martin Jordan's father.  The passenger list for his family was as follows:

George Jordan aged 47 (Born around 1809)
Mary Jordan aged 47 (Born around 1809)
John Jordan aged 16 (1840)
Jane Jordan aged 13 (1843)
Ann Jordan aged 11 (1845)

Also listed as a single woman was Ellen Jordan aged 19 (born around 1837).  Again, probably George's daughter and Martin's sister.  

William Burton aged 26 years and his wife Elizabeth Burton aged 22 years, were also on board Emma Colvin and because Harriet Jordan's maiden name was Burton, I wonder if this was her brother and sister in law?


5 November 2012 - Thanks so much to Paul Godbaz, paternal Great Grandson of Andrew and Ellen Godbaz nee Jordan for the wonderful photographs of his ancestors and the marriage certificate. 

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