Monday, October 31, 2011

Tandy family

Henrietta Tandy was the first wife of Stella Mary Transom Parker's husband, Raymond Charles Chambers.  See more about that here.  Information about the Tandy family is below:

William Henry Tandy (5 January 1871, Surrey Hills, NSW, Australia - 30 January 1966, Auckland, New Zealand) married Jane Weir (18 January 1874 - 29 July 1954) on 20 March 1895.   They had the following children:

1. Henrietta Tandy (1896 - 1 July 1926).  Henrietta married Raymond Charles Chambers in 1919.  I believe that she and Raymond had had two children prior to her death.  

2. Dorothy Gibson Tandy (7 October 1899 - 1975) married William Hunter Alexander in 1927.  

See this website for more information about William Henry Tandy's family.

The remainder of William Tandy's family appear to have stayed in New South Wales, Australia.  

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