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James Lowry - son of Ann Tutchen and Joseph Lowry

James Lowry was the only son of Annie Tutchen and Joseph Lowry.  In 1880 he married Honora Moriarty.  Together James and Honora had four children:

1. John Lowry was born in 1882   
2. Sarah Ann Lowry was born in 1883
3. Ellen Lowry was born in 1887 
4. Joseph James Lowry was born on 3 May 1888.  He died in 1983.

James was a carpenter.  He died on 8 May 1889, having sustained injuries the month earlier caused by a fall off a partition on a house he was building.  He was transferred from Waipawa, where he had been working, to the Wellington Hospital, where he died.  

In 1895 Honora (also recorded as 'Honoria') married Henry James PorterIt appears likely that Henry Porter was married before, in 1886 to Amelia Gertrude Johnston.  
Together Honoria and Henry had one son:

Robert Alexander Porter born on 9 January 1898. (Robert died in 1916 aged 20.)

In 1899 Honoria died at the age of just 36.  

At the time of Honoria's death, her eldest daughter Sarah Ann Lowry would have been aged sixteen.  It appears, strangely, that after Honoria's death, Henry Porter married her daughter (his step daughter) Sarah!  The marriage took place in 1902, when Sarah would have been aged 19.  Henry was born on 13 June 1868, and thus would have been about 34 years old at the time of the marriage to Sarah.  

Henry and Sarah seem to have settled in Hastings and had the following children (remember - Sarah's children with Henry were half siblings to her own half brother Robert Porter!):

1. Henry James Porter was born on 6 February 1902.  Henry grew up to marry Mary Escreet in 1927.  The marriage didn't last long as Mary Porter died at the age of 30 on 30 September 1935.  Henry then remarried at a later date - his second wife was Karen Jane Porter.  Henry died in 1986.

2. Ellen May Porter was born on 9 November 1903 .  Ellen married Charles Alfred Smith in 1923 and died in 1989.

3. John Porter was born on 15 April 1905.  I'm unsure if he married.  John died on 11 July 1979.

4. Marion Porter was born in 1907, sadly she died on 1 August 1919 at the age of just 12 years.

5. Gladys Eileen Porter was born in 1908.  In 1930 she married William Augustus Caldwell (1907 - 14 May 1962).  Gladys died on 10 May 1971.  Further information on Gus's family is here.  

6. Margaret Porter was born in 1910.

There is also a birth entry in 1900 for Emily May Porter, born to Sarah and Henry James Porter.  I suspect this is their child, born prior to their marriage.  Emily died on 6 December 1918 aged 19, meaning she was actually born in late 1899 - the same year her grandmother (her father's first wife) died!!  Emily is buried in Hastings Cemetery.  

Henry died in 1943 aged 76 years and Sarah Porter died in 1955 aged 74 years.   Henry is buried in the Hastings Cemetery, but it is unclear where Sarah is buried.    

Sarah's elder brother, John Lowry married Olive Carter Cavanagh (1886 - 1966) in 1905.  John must have had a close relationship with his stepfather/brother in law, as John and Olive's son was named Henry James John Lowry (1906 - 1968). 

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