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Thomas Viggars' family

What was Thomas Viggars' story?  I believe he was the son of William James Whiston Viggars and his wife Sarah.  Thomas had been born in Kidsgrove, Staffordshire, England on 1 August 1901.  

I believe that his family tree looks something like this:

William James Whiston Viggars (1867 - August 1945, Marlborough) married Sarah (1871 - May 1944, Marlborough).  

1.  Lilian Viggars (1896 - May 1962, Marlborough).  Lilian never married.

2.  William Viggars (13 August 1898 - 1974) 

William married Agnes Winifred Forsyth in 1919.  I believe that William had a motor cycle garage and repair shop called Viggar's Garage in Ghuznee Street, Wellington and he was involved with motor racing.  In 1932 William was living at 68 Fairlie Terrace, Wellington, and it's reported that he suffered a compound fracture of his right leg, following the motor cycle he was riding colliding with a motor car on 30 November 1932.
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3.  Thomas Whiston Viggars (1 August 1901, England - 27 October 1964, Dunedin).  Following his brush with the law, and subsequent imprisonment (he must have been released by early 1925 at the latest), Thomas married twice, by my calculations - first to Alicia Hazel Evelyn Lamb in 1928, and then to Venus Pearl Renwick (9 January 1918 - 1977). Following his release from prison, it looks like Thomas went and worked as a motor mechanic for his brother in Wellington, but unfortunately trouble followed him, as this article from the 13 December 1937 Evening Post reports:

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4.  Elsie May Viggars (3 October 1905 - February 1977, Marlborough).  Elsie never married.  

5.  Ethel Viggars (1912 - February 1929).  Ethel died early, at the age of only 17.  All three sisters are buried near their parents in Omaka Cemetery in the Marlborough District.

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