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Shipton family

Thomas Shipton married Ann Frith Witham (died 1851) in Ashbourne, Derbyshire in 1845. They were Jasper Calder's maternal grandparents, and accordingly, Alister's Great x 3 grandparent.  It appears they had the following children:

1. Anne Shipton (1846)

2. Mary Shipton (1848)

3. Lucy Shipton  (1849)

4. Thomas Shipton Jnr (1851)

Following Ann Frith Shipton's death in 1852 Thomas Snr remarried to Francis Catherine Walcot.  They did not have any children.  

Thomas Snr had a sister, Eliza Shipton, who was born in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire in 1831.

In the 1861 Census, Thomas Snr was an articled clerk, and by 1871 he was listed as a solicitor and his son Thomas Jnr was an articled clerk - he was listed as a solicitor in 1881, living with his sister, Mary, and his cousins, Leonard and Stewart Shipton, born in India and aged 13 and 12 respectively.  Thomas and Mary were listed as having been born in Cheltenham, Gloucester.  In the 1871 census there was also another nephew, Robert Shipton Toncray who had been born in Ceylon/Sri Lanka.  Earlier, in 1868, Thomas Snr is listed as being the executor of Mary Stevenson's will, in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

1871 Census:
The Shipton family were living at Chesterfield in Derbyshire.  The household comprised (excluding servants):
Thomas Shipton aged 57 (born around 1814 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire), head of the household
Frances C Shipton aged 57 (born around 1814 in Birmingham, Warwickshire), wife
Anne Shipton aged 25 (born around 1846 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire), daughter
Mary Shipton aged 23 (born around 1848 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire), daughter
Lucy Shipton aged 22 (born around 1849 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire), daughter
Thomas Shipton aged 20 (born around 1851 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire), son
Robert Shipton Imray aged 14 (born around 1857 in Ceylon), nephew

Great Barlow was a small village in Derbyshire, about four miles from Chesterfield - the rector of Staveley was Rev George Shipton.  

The Law firm Shipton Hallewall & Co in Chesterfield was listed, as solicitors to the Chesterfield Market company, the water works and the Gas lights companies.  In the same document, Frederick Calder is listed as headmaster of the Free Grammar School or St Helen's School (the school was on Sheffield Road)
Joseph Shipton is listed as a solicitor and clerk to the country magistrates and "perpetual commissioner" (his home appears to be known as Thornfield).  

In Bakewell parish, William P Shipton was the surgeon, on "The Square".  This was undoubtedly William Parker Shipton -

Thomas Snr's sister Eliza Shipton married David Robert Imray.  Their son, Robert Shipton Imray (1857 - 28 December 1904, Quilon, Madras, India - buried the following day) married widow Rosa Onslow Leslie Crozier (daughter of Edward Glass) on 3 December 1892 at Peermaad, Madras, India

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