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Liddell family

James Thompson and Jane Grieve Liddell - this couple were another set of Alister's Great Great Great Grandparents.  Jane's family were, to the best of my knowledge, as follows:

Peter McPhun Liddell (c1821) married Jessie Armstrong (daughter of Thomas and Jane Armstrong nee Grieve (c1821), who had married on 6 October 1828) on 31 December 1842 at St Cuthberts  Presbyterian Church, in South Leith, Edinburgh.  In the 1850s, they were living in Edinburgh.  They had the following children: 

1. William Liddell (12 September 1844)

2. Jane Grieve Liddell (8 May 1847).  Jane supposedly came to New Zealand as a child under the care of a governess on the ship Caribou into Port Chalmers, on 14/15 July 1865.  The ship remained in the harbour and the passengers were transported from the ship to the shore via the steamer Tuapeka.  Jane first married James Thompson.  Following James' death, Jane married John Behan (1836 - 1906) in Lawrence in 1890.  John Behan was also from the Roxburgh area and was a dredgeman.  

3. Peter McPhun Liddell (1849 - ?).  Some people believe that he emigrated to Australia, under the name "Henry Liddell" around 1866.  This gentleman married Mary McLean in New South Wales in 1872.  Together the had the following children:
  Henry Hector Liddell (1873)
  Alexander H Liddell (1877)
  Alice Marion Liddell (1880)  
"Henry Liddell" then died of tetanus in Sydney, New South Wales in March 1882.  I haven't seen anything to prove that Peter McPhun Liddell Jnr and Henry Liddell were in fact the same person, and am dubious as to whether they were even related.  Certainly the names used for the children tend not to provide any familial link to our Liddells, which the Scots were renowned for doing.  

4. Jessie Liddell (16 August 1851)

5. John J Liddell

6. Robert Liddell (22 June 1855)

7. James Liddell 

8. Williamina Armstrong Liddell (9 August 1860)

The 1851 Scottish Census records the family living at 62 Charlotte Street, South Leith as follows:
Peter McPhun Liddell - a 30 year old who was the head of the house.  Peter was a Lithographic Letter Printer who employed three men.
Jessie Liddell, nee Armstrong is listed as his 30 year old wife (however many ages for adults were simply rounded up to the nearest number).  Jessie was born in  Edinburgh.

William Liddell, their six year old son.
Jane Grave Liddell, their three year old daughter.

Peter McPhun Liddell, their one  year old son.
Also living in the house were:
Jemima Armstrong, Jessie's 20 year old sister.
John McLeod, Peter's two year old nephew.
Charles Conmacha, a fifteen year old Apprentice Printer

The Liddell Family had businesses as Printers & Engravers in 1840s' & 1850s' around South Leith and Edinburgh as follows: 

Liddell Brothers: 
1846/47 13 North Bridge, Edinburgh
1847/48-1849/50 18 North Bridge, Edinburgh & 62 Charlotte St, Leith 
1851/52 - 1859/60 62 Charlotte St Leith
1860/61 49 Nicholson St, Edinburgh & 69 Shore, St Leith. They are described as engravers & general printers (1846/47-1859/60) then engravers, lithographers & opticians (1860/61) 

Connected business are as follows: 
1844/45 Liddell, Peter McPhun, engraver & printer, 1 West Nicholson St, Edinburgh. 
1845/46 Liddell, Peter engraver & letter press printer, 1 West Nicholson St, Edinburgh.
1861/62 Liddell & Co, engravers, lithographers & printers 69 Shore St House, 15 Elder St, Edinburgh. 
1860/61 P & R Liddell engravers & printers & engravers, 46 Nicholson St, Edinburgh
1861/62 Rt Liddell, optician & spirit level manufacturer 35A Hanover St - House 15 Elder St, Robert Liddell, engraver & lithographer, 46 Nicholson St
1844/45-1857/58 JJ Liddell optical mathematical & philosophical instrument maker - 3 Hanover St. 
JJ Liddell 91 Southbridge (1858-59)

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  1. I am a direct descendant of Jessie and Peter Liddell. This is a grandparentage line of mine