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Green family of North East Valley, Dunedin

George Green (1806, England - 9 October 1880, Dunedin) married Mary Knox Green (1810, England - 16 August 1881, Dunedin) and, with his family, including at least four sons, he emigrated to New Zealand, arriving in Otago in January 1856, on the barque Dunedin.

1. James Green (1836 - 19 August 1905, Dunedin) married Ann Bratherton Brouton (1835, 27 November 1901, Dunedin) in 1870.  They had at least one daughter:

  1.1 Mary Jane Ewan Rosina Green (1872 - 1938) married Eugene Francis Sullivan (1871 - 1942) in 1898.  They had at least two children:

    1.1.1 Eileen Rose Sullivan (1902 - 1961).  Eileen never married, and so it appears that this branch of the Green family died with her.  

    1.1.2 Eugene Frank Sullivan (1908 - 1909).  This baby died aged just four months.

The Otago Witness recorded James' death in the 23 August 1905 edition:

Mr J. Green, who met an accident through a tram colliding with his buggy on the 3rd inst., and who has been a patient in the Dunedin Hospital since that date, died on Saturday morning. On the date of the accident Mr Green, with his brother Henry (who is a produce merchant, and for many years carried on business in King street), was driving into town through the North-East Valley, and when near the Valley Borough Chambers the vehicle was overtaken by an electric tramcar, and being unable to get out of the way, was turned over, and the occupants were thrown on to the roadway. The driver of the buggy when the collision occurred was endeavouring to get across the tramline, but failed to do so in time to avert the collision, which smashed the buggy considerably. Mr Green received injuries to his face and head, and sustained a severe shock, and was removed to the Hospital. His brother suffered some cuts and bruises about the head.
Previous to the accident Mr Green was in indifferent health, and owing to this had leave of absence from attendance at meetings of the Hospital Trustees, of which body he was a member. The news of his death will be received with general regret, as during his residence in this part of the colony he has rendered considerable public service on various public bodies.
The deceased was born in the County of Middlesex, England. His father, besides carrying on the busines of a smith and farrier, had a dairy farm. There Mr Green acquired a taste for a country life and agricultural pursuits. After leaving school he followed his father's trade for four years, and then received employment in the Paddington workshops of the Great Western Railway Company.
He came to Otago in the ship Dunedin, landing in January 1856. Shortly after arrival he received employment from Mr John Cargill on a farm at Tokomairiro, and for several years followed farming pursuits, and was afterwards engaged in horse and cattle dealing on his own account, till the gold discovery broke out, when he went to the diggings. After doing fairly well out of his claim at Gabriel's Gully, he went into the carrying business to the goldfields for a time, and was afterwards storekeeping at Waitahuna. He then resumed the carrying business, and in 1865 he retired from business and settled in the Waitati district, where he resided up to the date of the accident.
In 1867 Mr Green was elected to represent North Harbour and Blueskin district in the Provincial Council, and in 1875 he became a member of the Provincial Government. On the abolition of the provinces he was elected a member of the Waikouaiti County Council, and in the following year was appointed chairman, a position he held for over 17 years. In 1878 he was elected for Port Chalmers in the House of Representatives, and in 1882 he was returned
for Waikouaiti, which district he represented during the whole of the ensuing Parliament. He was again elected in 1893 by a majority of over 500.
With all the local bodies of his district Mr Green was intimately connected, and from 1868 he was continuously either president or vice-president of the Blueskin A. and P. Society. In 1878 he was elected a member of the Otago Education Board, and retained a seat thereon till April, 1896, and was three times chairman of the board. He was elected the board's representative on the Board of Otago School Commissioners. He was also a member of the Hospital Board, Charitable Aid Board, Hospital Trustees, and Benevolent Trustees, for many years he served as a Waste Land Commissioner for Otago. In all the public positions he filled Mr Green was a popular and faithful representative. It is worthy of note that of eight adults who came by the Dunedin four of them became members either of the Provincial Council or of the House of Representatives. At the time of his death Mr Green was 69 years of age. About a week previous to his death serious complications, including erysipelas, supervened. The deceased was a brother of Mr Isaac Green, formerly Mayor of North-East Valley, and was a widower.

2. Henry Green (1842 - 1 July 1910) married Agnes Sinclair (1842 - 25 June 1901) in 1864.  Henry was a produce merchant, and for years apparently carried on business in King Street, Dunedin.  Henry and Agnes had two sons:

  2.1 Harry Corbett Green (1865 - 1 August 1948, Dunedin) married Jessie Robb Allan (1862, Scotland - 25 August 1933) in 1890.  The had the following children:

      2.1.1 Jessie Agnes Green (4 September 1892 - 9 October 1974, Dunedin)  

      2.1.2 Lilian Cooper Green (1894 - 13 October 1969, Dunedin)

      2.1.3 Margaret McGibbon Green (11 January 1897 - 1977) married David Wemyss Lawson (1897 - 1962) in 1923

      2.1.4 Alice Mary Knox Green (26 June 1898 - 1985) married Maxwell Wemyss Lawson (1899 - 1955) in 1927

      2.1.5 Henry Sinclair Allan Green (1900 - 14 October 1969, Dunedin)

      2.1.6 Francis John Allan Green (1904 - 1975)

  2.2 George Cooper Green (1868, Dunedin - 19 February 1942, Dunedin)

3. Isaac Green (1847 -25 November 1933, Dunedin) married Charlotte Ann Leary (1847, England - 18 April 1919, Dunedin) in 1876.  Isaac lived in the North East Valley in Otago for years from around 1855.  Isaac went on to be a Councillor and four time mayor of North East Valley Borough Council.  His home was known as "Woodlands".  He and his wife had the following five children:

  3.1 George Herbert Corbett Green (1876 - 20 May 1949, Dunedin) married Charlotte Amelia Argue (1878 - 6 July 1858, Dunedin)(daughter of Charles and Jane Argue) in 1905.  George was the first of three Green siblings to marry into the Argue family.  I have not been able to find any descendants from this marriage.

  3.2 Arthur Isaac Corbett Green (1878 - 22 August 1926, Dunedin) married Clara Ellen Argue (1884 - 14 September 1954, Dunedin) (daughter of Charles and Jane Argue) on 5 August 1906 at Isaac's home, "Woodlands".  They were married by Rev. D. S. Mason.  They had at least the following chidren:

      3.2.1 Henry Arthur Green (1906 - 21 August 1985, Dunedin) married Annie Lammond [Green] (1911 - 6 January 2002, Dunedin)

      3.2.2 Vera Lottie Green (1909)

      3.2.3 George Isaac Green (1915, Dunedin - 21 April 1922, Dunedin)

  3.3 Richard Corbett Cooper Green (5 February 1882 - 1953)

  3.4 Clara Lottie Green (1884 - 1956) married Charles Frederick Argue (son of Charles and Jane Argue) in 1919

  3.5 Henry Ernest Cooper Green (1886 - 1970) married Margaret White in 1926

4. George Green (1850 - 1 January 1902).  I don't believe that George married.

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