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The Carr family

Christina Elizabeth Jessie "Elizabeth" Bertram (11 April 1864, Willis Street, Wellington - 1943). Elizabeth was the second daughter of James Bertram and Christina Waters Bertram. Later, the family moved to the Manawatu, specifically in the Halcombe area. In 1889 she married local Ernest Carr (1859 - 1947) and gave birth to five children, who attended Stanway School.

1. Ambrose Ernest Carr (1890 - 1891) died aged just seven months.

2. Ivo Carr
(21 April 1892, Feilding - 25 February 1955, Tauranga) married Kathleen Pearce (daughter of Gilbert and Ella Jane Pearce nee Hawken of Waitotara) (27 March 1896 - 21 October 1975, Dunedin) in 1921. Their engagement was 6 January 1917 edition of the Wanganui Chronicle. Later, in March 1917, Ivo was at Kohimarama Flying School undergoing training to qualify for probationary commission in the Royal Flying Corps. On 24 May 1917, the Dominion and Evening Post both reported that Ivo was one of five men who had qualified from the New Zealand Flying School with a Royal Aero Club pilot certificate.

Ivo and Kathleen's engagement was relatively long, obviously due to Ivo's service overseas. The Wanganui Chronicle recorded a return visit in their 12 September 1919 edition:

Flight-Lieutenant Ivo Carr, of the Royal Air Force, is at present visiting Wanganui. He returned to New Zealand by the Essex after a period of over two years' service in the Egyptian theatre of hostilities.

By 1937, Ivo and Kathleen were living in Dunedin and he was working for Todd Motors. Kathleen was a reasonably good golfer. Together they had two children, a girl and a boy.

3. Marion Mary "May" Carr
(24 May 1894 - 1974) married John Thomas Inkster (1888 - 1953) (son of Andrew and Ann Inkster) in 1924.

4. Charles Evan Carr
(1896 - 1958, Australia) married Elaine Audrey Wallis in 1926

5. Violet Evelyn Carr
(17 December 1899 - 17 January 1976) married George Crichton Maltby (16 October 1886 - 1974) in 1921. George was a solicitor and the couple lived in Tauranga. I'm unsure of the children they had. I know that they had a stillborn baby in 1922.

Christina and Ernest lived in the Feilding area until around 1917, raising their family in the district. Ernest worked at the Feilding saleyards.

On 10 November 1914 the Feilding Star reported that Lady Stout had visited Feilding and been a guest of Mrs Ernest Carr (Christina). Two days later, on 12 November 1914, the Feilding Star reported that Christina and a Mrs G. Budd were to represent Feilding at an Annual Meeting of the Presbyterian Women's Missionary Union which was to be held in Dunedin during General Assembly Week.

The Feilding Star, on 26 May 1917 announced their departure from the district, to Tauranga:

Mr. Ernest Carr has been associated with the Feilding saleyards for 26 years. He is about to leave for Tauranga, where he has secured a farm. Yesterday the members of the Stock Auctioneers' Association gave him a fitting send-off.
Mr. A. Ward, for the firms, presented him with a solid silver cigarette holder and case and a travelling rug. Messrs. J. Gordon Eliott and Morrisey supported Mr. Ward, all wishing Mr. Carr and his family the best of good health and wealth. Mr. Carr made a grateful acknowledgment of the presents and the good wishes.

On 26 January 1939, the Evening Post, under the heading Wanganui Notes, reported that Mr and Mrs Ernest Carr from Tauranga had arrived in Wanganui to spend a few days at "Braburn", a hotel on Anzac Parade, Wanganui (which is still, incidentally, standing!)

Hotel Braburn, on Anzac Parade, Wanganui

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