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Inkster Family

The Inkster family are related to the family of Christina and Ernest Carr in that their daughter May married their son, John Thomas.

Andrew Inkster (1840 - 10 March 1915) and his wife Ann Inkster (1846 - 27 July 1912) lived largely in Hipango Terrace in Wanganui.  In his youth, Andrew had been a seaman, and he later worked as an assistant pilot at Wanganui.  The Wanganui Chronicle reported on Andrew's death on 11 March 1915:

An old and deservedly esteemed citizen of Wanganui passed away yesterday morning, the person of Mr. Andrew Inkster, of Hipango Terrace.  Though of a quiet and unobtrusive disposition, the late Mr. Inkster was a man of high character and sterling personal worth, and his estimable qualities won for him the respect and confidence of all who were privileged to know him as a friend, neighbour or fellow citizen.  Born in the Shetland Islands in 1840, and attracted to the sea in his early youth, Mr Inkster visited most parts of the world.  He cam to New Zealand about 50 years ago, and since then, with the exception of periods of travel, his home has been in this Dominion.  For the last 35 years Mr Inkster, with his family, has resided in Wanganui.  Predeceased by his wife, who co-operated with her husband in making their home a model of domestic love, loyalty and happiness.  Mr. Inkster leaves a grown up family of two daughters and two sons.  The interment, which is to be private, takes place at ten o'clock tomorrow morning.

1. James Arthur Inkster (1880 - 1963) married Violet Ivy Owers (28 February 1889 - 1978) in 1922.

2. Elizabeth Jemima Inkster (1882 - 1920)

3. Ann Inkster (1884)

4. John Thomas Inkster (1888 - 1953) married Marion Mary "May" Carr (24 May 1894 - 1974) in 1924.  In November 1916, John embarked upon WWI.  Prior to his service he had worked as a journalist and a surveyor.  

While researching the Inkster family of Wanganui, I came across the following family and also thought they were interesting, so have amassed a bit of information about them.

Ellen Ryan was born in Mechanics Bay on 10 January 1841.  Her parents, Michael and Mary Ann Ryan had arrived in Auckland on the ship London in 1840 with her two elder sisters, a five year old girl and a seven year old girl.  Ellen's family lived first at Mechanics Bay, then in the Waiwera District, Waiheke and Coromandel.  
She married William Inkster in 1862.  They had at least the following children, all but two of whom grew to adulthood.  The children all seemed to end up living in the Auckland area, other than Andrew, who lived in the Bay of Islands.

1. Janet Inkster (1866).  I believe Janet died as an infant.

2. William Henry Inkster (1868).  I believe William also died as an infant. 

3. Margaret Louisa Inkster (1870 - 1949) married Henry Montague (1861 - 1943) in 1891 (Auckland)
   Edith Montague (1892)
   Florence Ellen Montague (1894)
   Henry John Montague (1896 - 1967)
   William Montague (1898 - 1961)
   Andrew Ernest Montague (1903 - 1959) married Adelaide Constance Maramina Wylie (14 November 1904 - 1984) in 1930
   Charles Montague (15 December 1906 - 1983)
4. John Joseph Inkster (1873 - 1946) (Auckland)

5. Robert George Inkster (1875 - 1940) (Auckland)

6. Andrew Ernest Inkster (1878 - 2 January 1950) married Flora Ellen Dyke (1890 - 1961) in 1916

7. Mary Florence Inkster (1880 - 1967) married John Joseph McCullough (22 November 1873 - 1973) in 1906 (Auckland)
   John Joseph McCullough (1906 - 1974) married Violet Mary Hendl (16 October 1906 - 1980) in 1929
   William David McCullough (1909 - 1971)

8. Annie Inkster (1882 - 1944) (Auckland)

9. James Alexander Inkster (1885 - 1965) (Auckland)

Ellen Inkster died on 3 September 1935, at the age of 94.  

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