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Pascoe Family

While doing some work on the Crozier family (married to Mary Ann Waters) I noticed that someone in the UK had started to do some work on Alice Evelyn Pascoe's family tree, but didn't have all the dates and details, so I thought I'd post on them briefly in case it's of some help to someone.

William Augustus Pascoe was born on 18 December 1871 in Peterborough, Northants, in the United Kingdom. On 21 February 1894 he married Ellen Bevin (born in Kent on 24 July 1873) in Palmerston North, New Zealand.  At the time son Leonard went to war in 1918, the family were living at Totaranui, 19 Fitzroy Street, Palmerston North, which they had bought in 1912.  William worked as a carpenter.  This article talks about what became of their home.

William and Ellen had eleven children - three boys and eight girls - namely:

Frank Augustus Pascoe was born in 1894 and died as a five month old infant on 6 April 1895
Gladys May Pascoe was born in 1895
Leonard Victor Pascoe was born on 23 September 1897
William Pascoe was born in 1898
Evelyn Alice Pascoe was born in 1900
Elma Mary Pascoe was born in 1901
Ivy Pascoe was born in 1903
Eileen Pearl Pascoe was born in 1905
Frances Myrtle Pascoe was born on 21 May 1907
Ellen Winifried Pascoe was born on 30 May 1909
Mavis Leonie Pascoe was born in August 1916 and died as a two months old infant on 23 October 1916

Both infants, Frank and Mavis, are buried together at the Terrace End Cemetery in Palmerston North.

Gladys was the eldest surviving Pascoe child.  In 1922 she married Edward George Turner.  Gladys and Edward lived at 39 Willis Street, Palmerston North.  Gladys spent many years as a widow, as Edward (a truck driver) died aged 55 on 8 November 1945 - he was buried at Kelvin Grove Cemetery.  Gladys died on 21 January 1991 at the age of 95.  Gladys' ashes were interred at the Kelvin Grove Cemetery.  She was a widow at the time of her death and she and her husband are listed as being Anglican.  

Leonard married Constance Helen McSherry (born in 1894) in 1923.  Leonard served in WWI. Leonard died in 1983 and Constance died in 1978.

William Jr appears to have worked as a postal officer in Palmerston North.  This is referred to in the 20 October 1927 account in the Evening Post of a shooting accident concerning William Arthur Foster.  
It is likely that William married Laura Alice Donnelly in 1926.  Laura died on 28 May 2002 at the grand age of 97.  Prior to her death her address was listed as 2 Signal Street, Marton and her occupation was given as housewife.  Her ashes were interred at the Kelvin Grove Cemetery.
William remained in the employ of the NZ Post Office throughout his working career.  He died on 24 November 1980, aged 82 years.  His previous address had been 100 Ferguson Street, Palmerston North.  He is buried at the Kelving Grove Cemetery.

Evelyn's life and marriage is noted in the post about the Crozier family, who she married into.

Elma Mary married Joseph Henry Silson in 1926.  Joseph and Elma lived in Manson Street, Palmerston North.  Joseph was a Lutheran Schoolmaster.  Unfortunately he died at the young age of 29 on 13 January 1933.  He is buried at the Kelvin Grove Cemetery.  It is unclear what then happened to Elma, but it is likely that she remarried.  

Ivy never married.  She worked as a Registered Nurse, and died on 21 April 1999 aged 95 years.  She was cremated at the Kelvin Grove Crematorium.

I'm unsure whatever became of Eileen Pearl.  I can't find any marriage or any death for her at this point either.  

Frances Myrtle married a Mr Stratton and died in 2001 at the impressive age of 94.

Ellen Winifred married a Mr Bell and died in 2005 at the equally impressive age of 96.

Patriarch, William Augustus Pascoe died on 26 October 1943 aged 73 years.  Matriarch, Ellen Pascoe died on 10 April 1965 aged 91 years.  Both are buried at the Kelvin Grove Cemetery in Palmerston North.  

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  1. Eileen Pearl Pascoe married Norman Smith. Eileen Pearl Smith died 27/07/1977 see following link