Sunday, July 31, 2011

Crozier family

Mary Ann Waters was another of John and Eleanor Waters' daughters, and another cousin of Herbert Bertram, Alister's Great Grandfather.  Mary Ann was born on 20 June 1869.  In 1897 she married Charles Edwin Crozier (1871 - 1945) and they appear to have settled in Palmerston North, where they lived at 35 Limbrick Street.  

Charles and Mary Ann had four sons:

Guy Neville Crozier (22 September 1897 - 1983) married Gladys Hansine Eberhard (6 March 1899 - 1981) in 1923.  The couple settled in Palmerston North

Robert Hector Crozier (1900 - 1960) married Evelyn Alice Pascoe (13 February 1900 - 1987, Auckland) in 1925.  Robert and Evelyn had five sons together and farmed in the Kaipara area.  Following Robert's death Evelyn married a Mr McEvoy.

Kenneth Noel Crozier (1906 - 21 May 1967) married Elsinore Martha Crozier (9 June 1911 - 13 January 2001).  Kenneth and Elsinore are buried at the Kelvin Grove Cemetery in Palmerston North.  Elsinore had worked as a dressmaker.  At the time of his death Kenneth was living at 481 Featherston Street, Palmerston North and his occupation at the time of death was listed as Company Director.

Ronald Charles Crozier (19 April 1910 - 18 March 1988).  He never appears to have married.  Ronald died in Palmerston North at the age of 77.  He was cremated at Kelvin Grove Cemetery.  Prior to his death, Ronald was a Grocer and lived at 26 Matamau Street, Palmerston North.

The children all appear to have attended All Saints School in Palmerston North.  

Charles took an active part in community life.  He is listed as having been part of a jury in Feilding in September 1904, in respect of an alleged arson case and a bigamy case!  
Mary Ann died on 2 August 1940 at the age of 70.  She is buried at the Kelvin Grove Cemetery with Charles, who died on 6 August 1945 aged 74.  Death records show that the Croziers were Presbyterian.  


  1. Evelyn Alice Crozier (nee Pascoe) remarried a McEvoy. She died in Auckland 1987. Evelyn and Robert Hector Crozier farmed in the Kaipara area and had five children.

  2. Unless there is a second Ronald Charles Crozier who was about the same age and died around the same time in Palmerston North, Ronald was married and had 3 boys.