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Madoline Evans' family

Madoline Evans was born to Frank George Evans and his wife Hannah nee Rhodes on 29 June 1883. She was Alister's great grandmother, marrying his great grandfather Herbert Bertram in 1912.  Madoline probably met Herbert as she was a registered nurse and he was a doctor.  

Archdeacon Frank George Evans

Madoline's parents, Frank George Evan and Hannah Rhodes married on 12 April 1882 at Bishop's Court, Parnell, Auckland.  They were married by the Bishop of Auckland, assisted by Rev. B.Y. Ashwell.  

Together, Frank and Hannah had six children:

29 June 1883 Madoline Marie Evans.  In 1912, she married Dr Herbert Bertram.  Madoline died in 1975.
1885 Hilda Beatrice Evans.  Hilda never married and died in 1952 at the age of 67.
1887 Charles George James Granville Evans.  Charles never married and died in 1907 at the age of 20.
1888 Florence Edith Redman Evans m 1914 John McGregor Scott (1885 - 1930).  Florence died in 1966.
1891 Isabel Mabel Rhoda Evans m 1921 Arthur Alexander McKinnon (1862 - 1950).  
1894 Helen Marian Clara Evans died 1895 aged 6 months

Frank was Archdeacon at several churches - at the parish of St George's in Thames from March 1884 to July 1889.  Coincidentally, he succeeded Rev William Calder (who had been there from 1881 to 1884) at this parish - William's grandson Matthew was one day to marry Frank's granddaughter Joan and they were to become Alister's grandparents!  He then retired from that parish to take on the Te Aroha parish, where he stayed for a further seven years.

Hannah Evans died 1894 aged 37.  It seems likely that she died either giving birth to, or soon after the birth of youngest daughter, Helen.  The death was reported in the Auckland Star on 30 July 1894.

Our Te Aroha correspondent telegraphed to-day :—" Quite a gloom is cast over this district by the sudden and unexpected death of Mrs Evans, wife of the Rev. F. G. Evans, of St. Mark's Church. The Revs. T. A. Joughin and Mr W. Elliott, Wesleyan ministers, officiated in St. Mark's Church yesterday, which is quite unique in our ecclesiastical history. The funeral service will be conducted in the church by Archdeacon Willis, of Cambridge, at 2 o'clock to-morrow (Tuesday). Expressions of sympathy are being sent to the bereaved family from all parts of the province."

Baby Helen died early in 1895.

Around 1896, Frank appears to have headed with his family to New Plymouth.  
Frank George Evans married Mary Louisa Govett on 1898.  Their marriage was noted in the Hawera & Normanby Star on 1 November 1898.


(PER PRESS ASSOCIATION.) New Plymouth, November 1. At St. Mary's Church this morning, Rev. F. G. Evans, vicar of the parish, was married to Miss Govett, daughter of Archdeacon Govett. The service was fully choral, and the church was beautifully decorated. 

Madoline must have had a good relationship with her stepmother - she is recorded as often returning to New Plymouth to visit her "parents" - not something she would have done had she held any disdain towards her step-mother.  For example the Evening Post records on 8 March 1937:

Article image

Frank's second wife Mary died in 1943.  Frank himself died on 9 November 1947 at the age of 90, and is buried at the Te Henui Cemetery in Taranaki.  His last address has been recorded as 23 Rogan Street, New Plymouth - this is where he and Mary had lived together - a beautiful large, imposing home.  More about Archdeacon Evans to come.

Frank was born in Cheshire West in the sub district of the Chester Cathedral in 1857.  Mary was slightly older, having been born in 1853.  

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  1. This is interesting to me. I wish my motherin law Margaret mary Evans (grand-daughter of William Saer Evans was still alive, as she would have been very excited. I hope the WS Evans info I emailed you was useful. Cheers Josie