Friday, March 30, 2012

Toner family

Lucy Toner came to New Zealand as a 21 year old on the ship Blairgowrie.  She left from Armagh with her father, James Toner aged 50, and her mother also Lucy Toner, aged 50 (both born around 1825), as well as her brother James aged 29 (born around 1846) and arrived in the port of Canterbury on 23 August 1875.  Lucy was aged around 21 at the time she left Armagh, meaning she was born around 1854.

James Snr was a labourer.  It's likely he died around 1929, with Lucy Snr dying around 1890.

I'm unsure what happened to James Jnr. 

In 1877 Lucy married Samuel Doak in 1877 and they had nine children together before she died in 1897.  Samuel died in 1929 aged 76 years, meaning that he was born around 1853. 

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