Friday, March 30, 2012

Duncan Kennedy Snr (father in law of Jane Hislop)

Duncan Kennedy was been born around 1814  born in Invernesshire, Scotland to Alexander Kennedy and his wife Annie (whose maiden name was also apparently, Kennedy).  Alexander was a farmer.  

Around 1844 Duncan married Margaret Macdonald in Argyllshire - he was about thirty at the time.   

Duncan came to New Zealand on the ship Indiana into the port of Canterbury on 23 November 1858.  He had left Scotland on 2 August 1858 and was listed as being a Shepherd.  He was aged 40 at the time of the trip, meaning he would have been born around 1818.  This looks to be the correct Duncan Kennedy, as his wife is listed as 35 year old Margaret Kennedy.  Also travelling with the family were not three, but six children as follows:

1. Angus Kennedy aged 13 (born around 1845)
2. Alexander Kennedy aged 11 (born around 1847)
3. Coll Kennedy aged 7 (born around 1851)
4. Mary Kennedy aged 5 (born around 1853)
5. John Kennedy aged 3 (born around 1855)
6. Ronald Kennedy aged 9 months (born 1858)

Duncan died on 30 July 1904 at Wainui.  He was 89 years old at the time of his death, and had worked as a farmer.  Duncan was buried at the Akaroa Cemetery on 2 August 1904.  The presiding priest was Rev.  Fr. J.A. Kennedy, and Duncan was listed as being a Roman Catholic.  At the time of his death he left four sons, aged 57, 55, 50 and 43 and a daughter aged 45.  The informant, with respect to the death, was John Kennedy, one of Duncan's sons.

He had married Jane Hislop when he was 33 years old, in Christchurch.  Records show that the marriage was registered in 1884.  

A Colin Kennedy died in 1927 aged 75 years.   This would have meant he was born around 1852, which is around the time that young "Coll Kennedy" was born.

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