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Doak Family

Annie Adeline Doak seems to have married Duncan Kennedy, son of Alexander and Jane Kennedy (nee Hislop) in 1925.  

Annie was born in 1889 to Lucy and Samuel Doak.  Lucy Toner had married Samuel Doak in 1877.  Samuel died in 1929 aged 76 years, meaning that he was born around 1853 and Lucy died prematurely in 1897 aged just 39 years, meaning Lucy was born around 1858.  However, it's likely that Lucy came to New Zealand as a 21 year old on the ship Blairgowrie.  She left from Armagh with her father, James Toner aged 50, and her mother also Lucy Toner, aged 50 (both born around 1825), as well as her brother James aged 29 (born around 1846) and arrived in the port of Canterbury on 23 August 1875.

Annie was one of nine children born in the following order:

1. Joseph Doak (1878 - 1908) died aged 30 years.  He doesn't appear to have married.

2. Mary Ellen Doak (1879 - 1892) died aged just 12 years  

3. Francis Job Doak (his birth registration is simply "Job") (1882 - 1965) married Mary Helena Callaghan (1884 - 1949) in 1910.  The family lived at 60 Grosvenor Street in South Dunedin. Apparently a motorway has since been built over the site.  Frank was a police constable and when retired was employed in the office of Aitchison and Kee coal merchants at 89 Grosvernor Street just about opposite his home.
Allan Aitchison has assisted with the above information and has also advised that Frank was an excellent wood turner making fine furnishings as a hobby.  Allan describes Frank as: "A large man of six foot probably fifteen stone who looked every inch a police officer."
Frank and Mary had three sons as follows:
   3.1 Francis Job Doak (1910 - 20 December 1942)
   3.2 Ivan Joseph Doak (18 July 1912 - 2004)
   3.3 Alan Vincent Doak (19 March 1919 - 2002)

Francis and Mary's eldest son, Francis, enlisted in WWII.  He was killed in action in Libya, where he is buried, on 20 December 1942 aged 32 years.  

4. John Samuel Doak (1884 - 12 October 1917)  married Mary Emily Mehaffey (22 September 1891 - 1977) in 1916.  Before enlisting, he worked as a cheesemaker.  Sadly he died shortly after at the age of 36 - killed in action in Belgium on 12 October 1917.  I believe that poor Mary Emily, his wife, was already a widow when they married.  I believe her husband, William Mehaffey had died between the birth of their daughter Mary Emma Minerva Mehaffey in 1911, and Mary Emily's marriage to John Doak in 1917.  Subsequently I believe Mary Emily married George Williamson in 1926.  

5. Lucy Doak (1886).  I'm unsure what happened to her. 

6. Annie Adeline Doak (1889 - 1958).  Annie married later in life, to Duncan Kennedy - see more information below.

7. Alfred Ambrose Bernard Doak (1890 - 1890).  Along with his twin, James, died as a five month old infant.

8. James Henry Doak (1890 - 1890).  He also died as a five month old infant.  

9. Theresa Jane Doak (1893 - 1965) married John William Lewis in 1920.  

Annie appears to have  attended Ashburton Girls High School.

Annie was 68 at the time of her death in 1958, meaning she was born around 1889.  She would have been about 35 when she married Duncan and must have had her daughter Anne at quite a late age - she would have been around 48 at the time she gave birth to Anne.  

Annie's father Samuel Doak had travelled to New Zealand as a nine year old with his parents, two brothers and sister in in 1863 on the ship Chariot of Fire.  The family are listed as follows in shipping records:

Job Doak aged 32 (born around 1831)
Ellen Doak aged 31 (born around 1832)
Anne Doak aged 10 (born around 1853)
Samuel Doak aged 9 (born around 1854)
John Doak aged 7 (born around 1856).  John may have married Mary Caseby in 1885.
Joseph Doak aged 5 (born around 1858 - 1883)

They arrived in the Port of Canterbury from County Down in Ireland on 29 January 1863.  Job Doak was recorded as being a farm labourer.  I believe he may have died in 1915.  Ellen Doak died earlier in 1889.

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  1. I'm a bit confused. I have a pamphlet of Job's family which does not list Annie. Apparently instead of her, it lists Lizzie, Elizabeth Ann 1887-1968, and she married Jack Albert. Years are usually one year off from the actual due to the use of census records.

    In the back of the pamphlet, it has a civil records listing which says Robert is the father of Elizabeth b 1887. However, I know this Elizabeth married William T. Rogers. In this listing Job's Lizzie is born 1889.

    The author thought William Thomas Doak of Tyrone and wife Margaret Hannah Carr were the parents of Anne Adelaide Doak b. 1890 who married Duncan Kennedy.

    I have this problem all the time with Doaks. Did Job have a daughter Lizzie? Are you sure Annie is Job's daughter? Are there more errors in the pamphlet? Do you have pictures of the earliest Doaks or their Irish & NY relatives? Lucy 1886-1973, it says, married Fred Tozer and had not children.