Sunday, June 5, 2011

A funny story

It's interesting the funny, quirky little pieces you find when researching, and surfing the web.  This piece comes from the Tuapeka Times, Volume XVII, Issue 1080, 1 October 1884, Page 3:
The latest story of police efficiency comes from Hull. A small boy happened to be crossing a bridge just as another small boy fell into the water. A policeman asked the boy on the bridge whether he could swim. The boy said he could, and with great presence of mind the policeman thereupon dropped him over the railing into the canal. After a hard struggle, the boy who was dropped in succeeded in rescuing the one who fell in. The policeman has not yet been promoted for his bravery.
I spluttered with laughter at this one!  The last sentence had to be tongue in cheek didn't it?  ;-)

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