Monday, April 25, 2011

Monica Josephine McEvedy nee Nidd

Monica Josephine Nidd was the third child of Bill and Mary Nidd.  

Monica was a good dancer, the is a record of her winning a Monte Carlo waltz with a Mr B. Ridden at a ball held in Southbridge in November 1935, and again (dancing while sister Marie played the piano) at a variety evening with a Mr A. Lilley in April 1937.  Like sister Marie, Monica also played piano.    

The 1930s was a very social time, and with Marie, Monica attended many balls, social evenings and parties around the district.

On 22 August 1945, Monica married Gerard J. McEvedy, son of Mr and Mrs W.J. McEvedy.  The ceremony took place at St Joseph's Catholic Church.  Bridesmaid was Monica's younger sister, Angela; best man was Gerard's brother Owen; and flower girl was Marie's daughter Carmen McGrath.

Unfortunately, the day was marred by a motor accident.  

Following the ceremony, Angela, Owen and Carmen were travelling on High Street Southbridge in a car driven by Mr Sydney Greenwood, from St Joseph's to the Town Hall.  Another car, driven by Mr W.K. Steven of Leeston, reached the intersection from North Rakaia Road and a collision between the two cars occurred, with Mr Greenwood's car being overturned.

While the other occupants were largely uninjured (Carmen was though seriously hurt at first but was then found to only have cuts and bruises), Angels had been seriously hurt, including a broken right arm and cuts and bruises on her head.  Apparently both car drivers were severely shaken and the cars were badly damaged.
A Dr W.G. Volckman was in Southbridge at the time and attended upon Angela, later having her removed to Christchurch Hospital by ambulance.  Afterwards she made "satisfactory progress" according to a newpaper account two days later. 

Gerard was the son of a local family and Monica and Gerard stayed in the area following their marriage.  They had three daughters, Bernadette, Vivienne and Christine. 

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