Saturday, April 23, 2011

Joseph Thomas Nidd

Joseph Thomas "Joe" Nidd was the eldest son of Thomas and Margaret Nidd.  He seems to have not been quite as respectable as his siblings.  He was born in Wellington on 19 March 1870.

In 1888 it is reported that Joe was at a Boxing Day sports day of the "Wellington Forresters."  Apparently the Governor General allowed them to pass through Government House grounds and addressed them.  2,500 people attended.  Joe came third overall with three thirds and a first. 

He married Margaret Anne Daly in 1896 and had a daughter, Margaret Elizabeth Nidd, in 1897.  However the marriage was not to last.  Referred to in the article as "John Joseph Nidd", it is Joe who is the subject, when the Wanganui Chronicle reported that a decree nisi was granted at the Palmerston Supreme Court on 8 February 1911, between Joe and Margarent Ann Nidd.  Margaret was granted custody of their daughter, who was known as "Margery".  
Margery died on 11 November 1934 aged 37 and is buried at the Bromley Cemetery in Christchurch, although her home was in Auckland as an adult.  Joseph had died a year earlier in 1933.  

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