Sunday, April 24, 2011

Letter from Isabel Butler to Pat Nidd 9 May 1994

Dear Pat

Enclosed please find the letter I promised you.  You will see that it starts off with our great-grandparents, then our grandparents, David Latto and Janet Hislop.  Unfortunately Baden Dingwall, who sent me this information, has parted company with his wife, who was Violet Latto's daughter Molly, so I haven't been able to take up his offer of death and marriage certificates, although I did write and ask for them, but have never had a reply.  Nevertheless, I think there is enough information in the letter we have to build on if you wanted to.

Our George is very very low at the moment, but still clinging to life by a thread.  Twice this past week the hospital have rung for the family, but each time he rallies again - quite amazing really.  

Kind regards to you and your lovely wife.  Hope to see you both again.

Isabel Butler"

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