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Stoddart family

James Stoddart (1792 - 2 August 1864) married Christina (1818 - 27 March 1892)
James lived in Dixon Street, Wellington and had been connected with the management of the Motupipi Coal Mine at Golden Bay in the Nelson/Marlborough area.  Obviously, later he moved his family north to Wellington.  Christina lived in the property at Dixon Street for almost thirty years, after James' death.  

James and Christina seemed to have a rather large family - at least two sons and five daughters (although I can't find one of the daughters) - however none of them seemed to live particularly long lives - certainly Christina seems to have outlived at least six of her seven children!  The family I have been able to attribute to James and Christina are:

1. Mary Ann Stoddart (1837 - 18 June 1871, Pipitea Street, Wellington) married John Sutherland.  See here.

2. John Charles Stoddart (1844 - 11 July 1871, Hopper Street, Wellington) married Eliza Williams (second daughter of David Williams of Tinakori Road, Wellington) on 2 October 1864 at St Paul's Church, Thorndon, Wellington by Rev. F. Thatcher.  Following John's death, Eliza married John Jamieson in 1873.

3. James David Stoddart (1846 - 30 September 1872, Willis Street, Wellington) married Jane Gordon in 1869.  Following James' death, Jane married Henry Cook in 1874.  

4. Christina Isabella Stoddart (1848 - 1878) married John William Matthews (second son of the late Mr Richard Matthews) (1840) of Auckland on 3 May 1865 by Rev. Isaac Harding.   
   John Stoddart Matthews (19 January 1868, Invercargill - 1933) married 
Emily Jane McConnon (1873)

5. Agnes Ingles Stoddart (January 1850 - 17 July 1870) married Thomas Taylor Cutbush on 10 December 1867 at Dixon Street, Wellington.  She had one child, Helen Stoddart Cutbush, who was died soon after birth in 1868. Thomas Cutbush is infamous in that he apparently left a son behind in England who would grow up to be a suspect in the Jack the Ripper case.  Following Agnes' death, it appears Cutbush went to Australia. 

6. Helen Stoddart (1852 - 23 February 1871, Ghuznee Street, Wellington) married David Allan (fourth son of Alexander Allan) on 16 September 1869.

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  1. Thanks for your research. I come from the Matthews connection, so this helps to fill in some gaps. Cheers.